08 November 2011

Super Awesome Sundayyyy

I can't stop thinking about how great Sunday was!  My friend Andrea got baptized, and it was an absolutely beautiful service.  What a rockstar.  She is incredibly smart, talented, and beautiful, and I've loved the friendship we've built.
ANDREA Baptism 

One of the many things I've loved about being back home on the east coast is remembering how long autumn really lasts.  Utah's "fall" only lasts 3 days {in a good year}, whereas it's been 3 months here.  LOVE IT.
Woods BLUE 

Sunday night, our apartment hosted a curry dinner for all of us Cambridge kids who are in the area.  It was a night of delicious food and interesting conversation.  I can't get over how phenomenal my friends are, and how much they really mean to me. PKP CREW

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Jen said...

you would be surprised to know that Fall here has lasted almost those 3 months you speak of--it's still going on. :D