16 November 2011

Writer's Block...Sorta

Guys, I seem to be suffering a little bit of writer's block right now.  In my defense, I just moved into my new house this weekend {I have my own room! And a closet! No more living out of a laundry hamper in a storage room!}.  I want to show you all my new place {so much potential AKA there is like no furniture}, but mostly I want a dresser.  A cheap dresser.  A very cheap dresser that has potential so that I can refurbish it.  I've been doing some research, and who knew that dressers cost so much?  I'm guessing everyone else.  But in any case, my room is thus a disaster {I know...already}, and in no shape to be shown off.  And I'm like insanely busy until this time next week.  Oi vay. 

I went to Mickey D's last night for the first time in ages.  Don't know why I was craving it, seeing as how I tend to avoid fast food like the plague {Frosty's don't count}.  I was in there for a matter of minutes before this creepy dirty old guy started trying to hit on me.  Let's just say that it will be ages again before I enter a fast food restaurant {drive thru's don't count}.

But I guess if being sans dresser and getting hit on by weirdos as McDonald's are my biggest problems, then lifeain'tsobad.

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Lisa said...

I hear the DI can have some great dresser finds if you're looking to refurbish :)