18 December 2011

Deliciously Tacky

Last night, guys, was both delicious and tacky.  I know, I didn't know that you could do both in the same night, but turns out that it is possible.  We went on a quadruple date, and it was super fun!  We adventured to Baltimore, which apparently is America's Greatest City {but not the world's}.

The Delicious Part:
The Desert Cafe!  64 types of hummus!!  Panda, mango ciurry {not to be confused with curry}, and even candy cane!  While the belly dancers didn't show {lame}, I think the fact that I laughed until my abs hurt made up for it.

The Tacky Part:
34th Street Christmas Lights.  Someone {still can't remember who} told me about them a week or two ago, and I knew I had to see them.  So I was crazy excited when I realised that they were the lights we were going to see!  There was an insane number of lights- so many that I should have brought some sunglasses!  Not only did all of the reindeer move {yes, they did, no lie}, but some of the inflatables were pretty unique...  The spectacle was totally worth {almost} freezing my feet off!!

Basically, I love Christmastime :)

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Jennifer said...

Sixty. four. Insane. I am trying to wrap my mind around the idea of candy cane hummus...