21 December 2011

Good Things

1. Modern technology. Internet. Email.

2. People who use tons of tape on their Christmas wrapping {like my boss}.  There's something endearing about it.

3.  When my boss told me, "I thought you might be a Jane Austen fan."

4. That apparently red lips are my signature look {a member of the bishopric said that he didn't recognize me without them at the Christmas party}

5. Free food at Taylor in Bethesda yesterday {thanks to my roommate Alicia for telling me about it!}

6. Girls' night to a performance of Pride & Prejudice at Round House Theatre

8. This video by the ever fantastic photographer Matt Clayton

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

1. I wish I'd been there for the P&P performance
2. I love #1. :DDDDD