19 December 2011

Skype & Cocoa All Of The Time

I feel like lots of my blog posts of late have been screen shots taken while Skyping with people.  Here's one more for your viewing pleasure:
BAEvans chat
So happy that I got to Skype with Beth this weekend {finally}!! She is so funny, and literally one of my favourite people in the whole wide world.  I am a little bit obsessed with her, sorry Jonathan.

I also still like to drink hot chocolate with Ciara.  I was feeling a bit sick during/after church yesterday, but I find that hot cocoa tends to make everything better :)


Beth said...

I look like a Muppet in that shot but I'll take it. I'm obsessed with you. Any shout out is an honour.

Camille said...

But a very cute muppet :)