28 December 2011

The Time My Brother Came To Visit For A Night

I drove back to D.C. on Monday afternoon.  Luckily my brother decided to come, too, since my radio chose to not work for the entire drive.

We got back just in time for dinner, and went out to eat some amaaaaaazzzinggg curry.  Trust me, I've eaten a lot of curry.  This stuff was glorious.  

Of course we had to take the metro and hit up some monuments.
Metro ALincs 

 However, the one I was most excited to show Sam was the  Einstein statue!
Einsteins Einsteins

He was so giddy, it was hysterical!  Chemical engineer much?


AGK said...

So glad you had fun with him! :) Can you take me to the Einstein statue? I still haven't been there yet!

Camille said...