27 February 2011

the object of art is to crystallize emotion into thought, and then fix it in form. 
francois delsarte


essentially, this is why i like art. i'm pretty inarticulate, so it's much easier for me to show you what i'm trying to say than to try to put it into words.

{cadogan cowper, la belle dame sans merci}

this one is for eric h

today was the kind of day to make my fellow art history graduate friend eric proud.

first off, i bought fantastic new perfume {flowerbomb by viktor & rolf}.

later, i went to dinner at pizzeria 712 with jeff and natalie, with dessert from the chocolate.   let's just talk about how delicious that was.

the night ended at guru's, with the cambridge group rocking at karaoke. 

people, today was just so good.

26 February 2011


so about a year ago, i bought a disposable camera, since they are fantastic.  however, i decided to hold on to this one and use it on special occasions only. i got it developed tonight, and here are the ones that turned out {and turned out well}.
movie in the park






sweet world

22 cupcakes


iron man
dear you. please stop being so great. nights like the one earlier this week make it easy to forget that i don't like you. but that's ok, nights like tonight remind me that i don't want to be the chaser; that i want to be chased. 

23 February 2011


who else loves adele's new album?

i sure do.

22 February 2011

6 word memoirs

you've probably heard the story of how ernest hemingway was challenged to write a story in six simple words, and subsequently wrote, "for sale: baby shoes, never worn."

the online journal smith magazine has collected thousands of people's 6 word memoirs.  i've spent the last little bit thinking about what mine would be. i've come up with several over the past few days describing both my interests {love the east, art, travel, adventure} and myself {unsure, over-confident, adventurous, loud, amused}, but i think the one that best sums up what i've learned so far in all the lessons that life has offered me is this:

make the most of it, now

i might seem cliche, but i like it. i guess that makes me obstinate. add that to the list ;)  

so i want to know::

what are your six word memoirs? post them below, i'd love to know.


although i was also partial to this one of mine, too:
living life like a constant adventure

21 February 2011

come home already

i miss my little bro.
one more reason i can't wait for summer



yes i tagged "food" on this post.  trust me, it's appropriate.

the reason i'm so awesome

happy birthday to my cher pere!!! 

ironman quality fans

love loves!

20 February 2011

interfaith music tribute

i just got back from the annual interfaith music tribute at the salt lake tabernacle with natalie! 
it was amazing!!
 honestly, i was blown away by the music and dancing.  
more importantly, i was impressed with the genuine desire for religious tolerance and respect for those who are different than you are.
interfaith music tribute
but surriously, the music was killer.

19 February 2011

the 't' stands for 'the'

last night i voyaged to the big salt lake city and got together with my fave hometown gal pal annabelle. she had never had curry before, so we made some for dinner {courtesy of jourdan} and it was fantastic! i think i may have made a convert out of her.
the only pictures we took that night took were gross, so i'm going to post an old picture. time to bump up the humour factor on this blog anyway.

80s stake dance

let it be known that these outfits won us some serious awards. annabelle won best '80's girl, i won most colorful '80's girl, and i think anthony won best '80's boy.
i mean, these are our normal clothes

16 February 2011


you + clicking here + clicking 5 stars rolling stone cover for local band fictionist!!

14 February 2011


here's to wishing you all a marvelous day!!!!

cam-cam-cam-cam love
^reason #437401 why my mother is bomb.com awesome^

12 February 2011


i have new glasses!!!!!!!!!

specs collage

story time:
once upon a time my mom was on jury duty. and also on jury duty was another woman who wore glasses. after a few days, my mother observed that this woman had yet to wear the same pair of spectacles.  my mother inquired of her as to the story, and turns out that this woman had over 40 pairs of glasses! 
i want to be her.

the results are in

i like it when my theories are proved correct.

the next time you're out to eat with new people, if you see someone eating with a knife, go ahead and ask them where they are from on the east coast.

here are the stats:

total respondents :
{including both comments on the last post and on my facebook status}:
total who do use knives:
total who don't use knives:
east coasters:
west coasters:

here's where it gets good.
of those who do use knives, 6 are from the east coast, 3 are from the west coast* {one of whom is extremely well traveled, so {s}he is only partially west-coast}. 7 were female, 2 were male.

of those who don't use knives, only 1 is from the east coast {here is where i publicly shame my brother and think of all the times my mother has reprimanded him for not eating with one}, where a resounding 7 are from the west coast.

Conceited Cutlery

i really want to insert a comment on the uncouth nature of one group, but i know i will receive lots of anger over that.  oops, looks like i just did.

*yes, i include utah in west coast. i'm from the eastern seaboard, and that's just how we see it. no apologies. 

10 February 2011

quick survey.

please comment below your response to the following questions:

1. do you use a knife when you eat? {for example, pancakes, or other food}
2. where are you from?

i'm really interested, so i appreciate your participation. 

happy 4 years to camayla!

4 years ago today i met the fabulous kayla d! i can't even tell you how fantastic this girl is.  she always brightens my life, and has a knack for sending the most perfectly timed  texts.  oh, and she is dang hysterical!

love fern
{sophomore year love fern}

09 February 2011

the world needs more glitter

the best nights are always made of best friends & the dollar theatre running towards adventure.

night travels

at least i get to escape provo when i'm asleep.
last night, i went to siena. it was oh so marvelous.

Masque Shoppe
{and you thought i was kidding when i said i went backpacking through italy}

07 February 2011

i composed a brilliantly witty post in my head at work today

but then i forgot it.  so instead i will write whatever comes to my head:

a big shout out to caitlin for her comment on my last post
i like dark chocolate a lot
my lunch today was half+ baguette and humus. also known as perfection
new perfume is next on my list of purchases
what's up with this weather?
i'm really good at planning these great trips and vacas in my head.
i want this camera like cuh-razee:

will somebody please remind me why i'm still in utah?

05 February 2011

utah symphony

last night, natalie and i went to see the utah symphony. i wish i could accurately put into words just how much i love going to the symphony. but trust me, i do.  poor natalie had to listen to me talk about what i though of each piece once the performance was over.  if you care to know what i thought, feel free to chat me up.
my apologies for my horrible posture. i promise i was just trying to compromise for my 4+ inch heels and natalie's flats.

utah symphony
utah symphony

welcome to work

imagine my surprise when i turned the corner into my cubicle yesterday and i found this waiting for me at my desk:


best way to start my weekend ever.

03 February 2011

matt clayton

this shoot is one of the many reasons i'm the tiniest bit obsessed with matt clayton.

02 February 2011

new goal

april 29.

i just need to make it to april 29.