31 May 2011


cute in your garden, not in a man.


29 May 2011

rainy weekend update

just because all of my roommates are gone {again} and it's been raining basically non-stop doesn't mean that i don't know how to have fun!

here are the indoor activities i've been up to of late:

skyping with my friend dan from cambridge {couldn't find the button to take a picture where it shows the screen of us chatting, so a picture of me will have to suffice}
skyping with dan

watching the new pirates arrrrg

catching up on hulu {i loooove glee!!! and the bachelorette contestants? so fine.}

kneaders and v chocolates and f.y.e. with megan {yes i bought "best of hanson live" for $1}
megan lunch
v chocolate

hanging out inside and watching the rain. which means photobooth pictaaaas of me and my apartment!
cool stuff
Rainy Sunday

how have you spent the last few rainy days?

25 May 2011


so maybeee i'm one of those people who would rather buy new underwear than do laundry.

what's your confession?

24 May 2011

formal hall

so sorry for the delayed posting on several of my awesome activities.  i promise it's not my fault dears, i've just had to rely on getting pictures from others {...jessica. still wanting to post about our awesome adven...}

anyways. even before christina's wedding, we had a formal hall for old time's sake.  sarah and her family were kind enough again to let us use their home. granted, it wasn't quite the same, what with the fact that we had to serve ourselves and the absence of drunkards, but we did have communal salad dressing, so that has to count for something.

formal hall
scottish gq
scottish gq
formal hall
let's talk about the prom action going on in the middle
Formal Fear Factor
too bad there isn't a picture of about 10 seconds later...
Dinner Conversation
well, at least natalie and jason look classy.

23 May 2011

someone like you, adele

if we're being honest

22 May 2011

current likes:

1. rain

2. that there was a brief period of sun yesterday during which i was able to go biking with a dear friend, followed by a trip to the park with my roommate.

3. gingersnaps {thanks to that same roommate}

4. naps

just have to throw on one current dislike:

1. i have been saying a lot of stupid stuff lately.  i really need to think things through before i say them. aieaieaie.

christina's wedding

last weekend christina got married! we lived on the same floor in x hall in bodley's {along with the fabulous erin}, and she is just awesome! hottest drummer ever, that's for sure.  a bunch of us went to her wedding, and we are all so excited for her and jordan!

Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding
Christina's wedding

21 May 2011

the black keys- tighten up

funnyyyy videooo. for those of you who are like me and haven't seen it yet, watch. laugh. love.

2* years old...

...and this is what several hours of life planning looks like:

life planning

or does it look like this?:
life planning

are we having fun yet?

20 May 2011

getting better with age

i can't adequately express how touched i am by all my dear friends and family did for me on my birthday.  it was unreal, and i'm so grateful!

thanks to my friends at work for decorating my cubicle, the sweet card, and hummus & pita chips!
birthday snacks

thanks to bethany for taking me to lunch!
birthday lunch

thanks to natalie for making me dinner and hosting my birthday party!
birthday dinner

thanks to my friends for coming!

thanks to my roommates for the gifts--i'm moved at how perfect they were!

thanks to my family {and dogs!} for their card and gift. it was exactly the right choice!

i would also like to thank everyone who called, texted, commented, and posted birthday wishes to me!  even though they were electronic, they still meant the world me.  sincerely.

19 May 2011

on this day

1995- World's youngest doctor, Balamurali Ambati, 17, graduates Mount Sinai

1994- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1st lady (1961-63), dies of cancer at 64

1990- General Elvis, TV Drama last airs on ABC

1979- Guitarist Eric Clapton marries Patti Boyd

1971- U.S.S.R. launches Mars 2, 1st spacecraft to crash land on Mars

1930 White woman win voting rights in South Africa

1900- World's longest railroad tunnel (Simplon) links Italy and Switzerland, opens

1898-Post Office authorizes use of postcards

1886- Camille Saint-Saens' 3rd Symphony in C, premieres

1884- Ringling Brothers circus premieres

1643- Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut and New Harbor form United Colonies of New England

...oh, and i was born!
90s style

{obviously not what i looked like as a newborn. this is me, circa 9/10 years old}

17 May 2011

not to brag, but...

my supervisor from cambridge is organizing a conference on the early attempts to print images in colour, and it's going to be awesome.  for all you who will be in cambridge in december 2011 {a list i wish i was on}, be sure to attend! there's still time to submit papers to be read at the event, so if you've got something interesting stored away, be sure to send it to impressionsofcolour@gmail.com

and yes, i am totally meaning to brag.  she is so cool! as are all of you who go to this!

15 May 2011

i'm really wanting to go on a spring time bike ride with friends. who's in? and who has a bike i can borrow?

personal revelation: the talk

so i gave a talk today in church. let's disregard the fact that i may or may not have prepared the wrong topic.  instead, i'm going to share a condensed version of my outline so you can get an idea of what i've learned
click {here} to be linked to doctrine & covenants

also, be sure to toss in appropriate jokes for audience interest.

1) How can I obtain Personal Revelation?
A- Desire it-
D&C 6:8 
B- Seek/ask
D&C 5: 24
D&C 6:14  
D&C 6:5 
       Also, How often do we hear that God often answers our prayers through others?  So not only do we need to supplicate unto the Lord, we also need to ask those around us whom we trust

C-  Additional qualities we need to have
D&C 5:28: 
D- Faith
All of this doesn't mean anything if we don't have the faith.  Hopefully, if we have a desire, then we have faith or are working on increasing our faith
D&C 8: 10 
D&C 8:1 

2)  What is Personal Revelation/Why do I need it?
A- It is awesome (no scripture reference)

B- A tool to resist temptation
      D&C 5:32 

C- It is a source of peace
     D&C 6:23

D- It is a source of joy and enlightenment
     D&C 11: 13 

E- It is a gift. 
     D&C 8:5

3) What are my responsibilities once I receive Personal Revelation?
A- Trust
     D&C 11:12 

B- Act
     D&C 8:8 

C- Ponder
     Just something I've picked up from my own experience.  Pondering allows me to act on the revelation I've received, and opens up the door for more to come

14 May 2011

i always say that the best kind of sandwich is a camille sandwich

bah this picture makes me laugh! now, they'll tell you that i'm actually happier than i look in this picture.
camille sandwhich
ok, ok, ok. but who wouldn't love sneak attack hugs from funny boys in matching shirts?

i really like to cook

but you wouldn't know it by my week.
seriously, i have eaten out every night this week.  i never do that.  i feel gluttonous if i eat out more than twice in the same week.

don't believe me? here's a sampling of my diet this week:
monday: el salvadorian with katie j (papoussas and tamales)
tuesday: my cousin's wedding reception in sandy (chicken, salad, crepes, cake, and more)
wednesday: kneader's last minute, due to the horrendous traffic {turkey cranberry croissant)
thursday: dinner with the bro, future sister-in-law, dad, and sister-in-law's mom {chicken & gnocchi soup, salad, breadsticks)
friday: chinese takeout with my guyfriend (general tsao's chicken and garlic pork)
saturday /tonight/: christina's wedding reception (food yet to be discovered)

guys, i'm sure all my salad stuff is going bad that i bought earlier. i can't handle the thought of it!

11 May 2011

DJ & Mari's Wedding

Sooooo I kind of really love weddings.  Which is something that I don't always readily admit, but it's true. Today was DJ's wedding {the first of the "3 Musketeers"} to Mari.  I could go off for hours on how beautiful and fun and awesome it was!!  Her dress was gorgeous; the home was magnificent; the dancing was out of this world; and I got to see relatives whom I haven't seen in years!
Oh what a night!

DJ&Mari's Wedding
DJ&Mari's Wedding
DJ&Mari's Wedding
DJ&Mari's Wedding

09 May 2011

even more fictionist

there is no such thing as too much fictionist, so don't even think of complaining about how many of my posts lately have been about them.

watch this video of justin hackworth's photographs from the concert of friday.

the blessing of being busy

i've been incredibly busy this past week.  and the next few weeks are already pretty booked.  between social outings, church responsibilities, and family affairs, i've had maybe about this much down time.  
i'm always grateful to have things to do {boredom is such an inefficient use of precious time}, but i think that right now this is really a direct blessing from the Lord.  remember camille circa january-may 2010, and the deep pit of depression i was in? taking only 9 credits {of which a mere 3 were actual work} left me a lot of unoccupied free time.  time i spent dwelling and struggling and fighting to move on.  this time around, though, i only have a few fleeting moments here and there throughout the day to myself.  and yes, during those moments i wish things were different.  but time seems to be racing by, and the distance that creates makes things bearable.  

although i must admit, all of this could change the next time i see him. 
gah, this is so girl of me. lame.

08 May 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Today is so special that I'm even using proper capitalization!  We'll see how long this lasts.
More importantly,  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! I think I speak for everyone when I say that I'm more grateful for my mother than I know how to say.  Thanks for everything you have taught and done for me :)

30 Strangers 2011 via Justin Hackworth

07 May 2011

non-fiction love

rooftop concert series featuring fictionist was tonight!
i was SO excited when i heard that they were the main attraction.  i'm kind of obsessed.  and now my roommates know who i'm talking about when i go off on how handsome stuart maxfield is, so that's a bonus.

also- don't forget to vote for them in the rolling stone cover competition!! they're in the final 4!! help them get to bannaroo!!

/photo by matt clayton/

06 May 2011

make that +1

the players: parker & carolyn
the date: tuesday, may 3
location: utah lake
what: getting engaged!!!

parker&carolyn engaged

we're all so excited for carolyn to join our family!!

my life right now

bedroom looks like it's been hit by all those tornadoes
ice cream for dinner
spending far too much on retail therapy
legs are gross
tired but unable to sleep
grateful for miraculous friends