30 July 2011

harry potter, the romcom

Hello mates!  I've been pretty busy these past few days, but I wanted to go ahead and quickly post a funny video that my friend Jourdan sent me. Enjoy!

Credit belongs to Thewlis Rox @ davidthewlis.net. 

26 July 2011

awesome adventures of late, cell phone style

AKA more reasons I am SO HAPPY to be HOME!!!!

1: I got to see the ever beloved MARY when I went to Maryland hier/today!!  She bought these delicious donuts from Fractured Prune.  Weird name, not weird donuts.  Strawberry Shortcake? In a donut? Sooo there!

Fractured Prune
Fractured Prune

2: Paigey got a job at the new Front Street Fountain, so she, her BFFL (yes, I just said that), and I went for dinner and ice cream!  Everyone should get the WHYY Experience ice cream.

Front Street Fountain
Front Street Fountain
Front Street Fountain
Front Street Fountain
Front Street Fountain
Front Street Fountain
Front Street Fountain

3: We walked around our charming town to work off the yumo food!


Virtual Thank You

I would like to thank Michael, the banker from Philadelphia working in MD, for being kind enough to stop me on the street and help me find my interview today.  I would have been lost otherwise!

24 July 2011

I came home to a bedroom full of the boxes that I'd shipped home.  I thought unpacking would be easy, until I remembered that all of my bookshelves and any other top of a surface (dressers, desks, etc) are already overflowing, and that I'd sent home 4 large boxes and 2 suitcases full of more books.  So those are just going in a corner for now.  I'll unpack the remaining boxes of clothes this week. Or next.

Tonight, I've been trying to clear some space on the top of my desk.  As I've gone through it, I realized that it's a very large and cluttered snapshot of who I am.  My desk is not neat, and it is far from tidy.  It's jam packed with music, books, journals, developed film, old digital cameras, trinkets and paraphernalia from around the world, Art History and French notes, craft projects, lotion, jewelry, and a ping-pong paddle.  It's full of my interests, hobbies, and memories.

I'm in a strange phase of life.  I think know I'm doing a great job dealing with all the uncertainty that surrounds me, even if it may be harder for others.  So for now, I'll continue to wear the beret I got in Paris, and remember where I've come from.  And I'll be happy that I'm happy with who I am.

clean desk

23 July 2011


After a late night flight and an early morning commute, I AM HOME! Today I have already napped, swam, and started unpacking [world's most daunting task, btw. also, i accidentally cut one of my shirts, and that is super sad]

Not only was yesterday my last day in Provo, it was my first trip to JDawgs.  Now, before you all gasp in disbelief, please keep in mind that I don't like most traditional American food, including hot dogs.  But loaded with their special sauce, it was actually pretty good!


22 July 2011

penultimate night adventures

OK, I know I said I was going to wait until I got home tomorrow to post any pictures of my new hair, but last night was so fun and special that I'm just going to go ahead and write about it!

Twilight Concert Series was last night featuring The Decemberists.  In typical Cambridge fashion, we had a picnic beforehand, and let me tell you, the food was amaaaazing.  Couscous salad? Yes please! Salad that Grace made? You know it!  After we all finished eating and were thinking about dessert, the event turned into a Farewell Camille party--Rachael started pouring everyone some sparkling cider and Girl Alex brought out a delicious homemade cake, and then everyone went around saying really nice things about me :)  I was so touched by their kindness--I really do have the best friends in the whole world!

I miss you guys already! *best quote of the night in reference to my new hair*: Grace, upon arriving at the picnic and seeing my hair- "Camille, you banged yourself!! I mean, you got bangs."

Cake :)
Some of the Group at Twilight Concert Series
Alex Hair

21 July 2011

late night adventures


The equation:
Late night + hairdresser friend + said friend needing to be busy to avoid certain company + a long awaited desire to cut my hair


20 July 2011

best quote of the (yester)day

Yesterday, one of my coworkers came to my desk. I was snacking (typical), and offered him some of what I was eating: Organic saltines and Organic nine grain bread (which my other coworkers refer to as my "hippie bread") from Sunflower.  Upon offering,  my other coworker who sits right next to me (and has also eaten this food) said, "Wait, you're kind of a hippie. Duh. How did I not realize this before?"

I love hippie comments.

18 July 2011

perfection lies in the imperfect

16 July 2011

spiral jetty

Yesterday, I finally went to Spiral Jetty!!!! This is both my 5th year and last week here, and not seeing it would have been my one regret.  Thankfully, I have the world's best friends, and my dreams came true!  /note: due to recent rainfall, the Jetty was mostly submerged, but the basic outline was mostly visible/
Spiral JettySpiral JettySpiral JettySpiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral JettySpiral JettySpiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral JettySpiral JettySpiral JettySpiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral Jetty
Spiral JettySpiral Jetty

Oh what a day. So many adventures and thrills!

15 July 2011



The movies may be over, but the books and magic will live forever :)  Harry Potter has defined much of my life.  Thanks to all the characters for teaching me more about life and about myself.  Nerdy to thank fictional characters? You bet it is!

14 July 2011

be hip: support local music!

Crustless Bread, the new single by my friend's husband (and she sings backup!) 
It's really good! And I'm not just saying that!  Besides, it's less than a dollar!

13 July 2011

spark & b

The ever so lovely Annabelle came down from SLC hier soir.  We ate/drank at SPARK, talked, and were generally awesome.  I love this girl!


12 July 2011

wedding day

No, not mine (sorry, parents).  Well, at least not in that way.

Yesterday was entirely focused on the wedding of those I love above all others.

Immediately afterwork, I went and had my bridesmaid dress fitted and altered for Parker and Carolyn's wedding!

I scooted directly over to Lisa's beautiful bridal shower!  It was such a lovely event, and it was great to see old friends!  Even better, it was great to see the beaming McBride-to-Be!

Upon arriving back from the shower, I happily got involved in helping Jonathan and Beth get engaged!  No, not in the sense that I whispered the appropriate question and answer to either, but in the set up of the event. I wish more than anything that they could see just how happy they were!  I love the image I will now forever have of the pure joy and eternal happiness radiating from their whole beings.  Beautiful is what it was.

Each of these people and couples are extremely dear to me.  Each has been an unmatchable friend to me.  All of them have taught me how to love, and I would like to thank all of them individually for everything he or she has done for me.

I love you.

09 July 2011


OK, so I know that Zumba has been huge since like forever, but let's be real here.  I'm not exactly known for keeping up with the most popular exercise routines.  I did go this morning for the VERY FIRST TIME, and with a friend from work!  For obvious reasons, I'm not including any pictures (I'm not sore, but man am I sweaty! Too much? Oh well.)  Let it be known, though, that the teacher said I did a great job.  I'm not sure if she meant I was great at the moves or at the shouting and whooping that she wanted us to do (because I was awesome at that), but a compliment is a compliment!
Side note: Now that I make an active effort to go running (by no means am I a runner), these sorts of classes are a lot easier! Surprise!