30 August 2011

All Of These Things Are Just Like The Others

Can you spot the similarities? Comment with the answer and win a prize!

Michelangelo, The Creation of Adam, 1508-1512

Raphael, The Judgement of Paris, 1520 (hint: look to the lower right)

Manet, Le Dejeuner Sur L'Herbe, 1863 (hint: again, refer to lower right of the Raphael)

Other Weekend Advens

The whole weekend was full of fun adventures!

On Thursday we picked up the tuxes.  Best part? Ping pong table on the sales floor! That and the adorable mini tuxedoes! 

ping pong Bond

The night before the wedding, Carolyn's family and our family met up at the cabin.  We hiked to Stewart Falls, ate delicious food, and had a fun time getting to know each other!

Most of the crew Stewart Falls

Saturday morning meant brunch with some of my favourite ladies.  Yes, a giant coin was included. How else do you make decisions?

brunch Judy coin toss Brunch

The whole weekend was strewn with awesome sister moments, like below.

Iceberg Scraggle tooth

29 August 2011

PWC Wedding

Parker [William] and Carolyn's wedding was this weekend!  I'll post about the actual wedding day first since let's be real here, that's what everyone wants to see.  Tomorrow, I'll post everything else :)

The weather was absolutely beautiful on Friday!  Even more beautiful than the wedding? Carolyn! She looked amazing!  She and Parker were so happy.  Take a look for yourself at how lovely the day was!

Youngs fam Photobomb Cousins Sisters Nat-attack Part of the bridal party Bridal Suite Cake Taylor, Eric, me Sibs GQ

Also, a big shout out to my friend Natalie for coming to the reception!!

27 August 2011

More New Math

Always be laughing when I read these.

This post was composed before I left

26 August 2011

But weddings do.  Be back Sunday/Monday to talk all about it!

24 August 2011

There is a WEDDING!

Hello friends! My family is currently in Utah for Parker and Carolyn's wedding, and we are all so excited!!!  I'll be staying at my grandmother's for most of the trip, and seeing as how we have to re-teach her how to turn her computer on whenever we are there, internet access is going to be limited. I can't wait to share all my adventures when I get back!

Trust that come Friday night, I will be getting my dance on!

23 August 2011

Earthquake Much?

Turns out my first instinct was right--that was an earthquake I felt shaking the house, not Sam running up the stairs.

Seriously. Who ever expected PA to get earthquakes?

The Adventures That Jourdan and I Had [Part 2/2]

Friday's destination was the King of Prussia mall.  Yes it was an all day trip.  Now, before you get all "let me roll my eyes as two girls spend all day at the mall", I would like to defend ourselves and say that I needed new clothes and it would be a crime if Jourdan didn't take advantage of tax-free clothing shopping whilst she were here.  End of discussion.  Besides, you just don't get beautiful dressing rooms in Utah.

On Sunday, Sam made a Filipino dinner.  Some of our favourite people, the Amanullahs, came over, too, and that was so totally fun. For dessert, Steve-o and I made cupcakes.  The ones that were made with the cupcake liners I bought for my mom with Jourdan turned out great...the other ones, well, we had to eat those upside down.Filipino dinner Bebot Dessert

Last night, Sam and I realised that somehow we had yet to take Jourdan to Rita's! Now, this is usually the very first place we take someone, so we felt like the most horrible sort of friends. So, you can imagine where the last place we took her was before dropping her off to her train/plane.  And yes, we were there waiting before it even opened.  We are those people.
Rita's Rita's morning face

We're all so glad that Jourdan came!  Because she is cool.

22 August 2011

Jourdan Came! These Are The Adventures We Had [Part 1]!

Jourdan's first day was basically the only one that guaranteed any sort of sun in the forecast.  So of course we went to the ever beautiful Valley Forge Park.  Totally gorgeous. Totally love it.

That night, we ate at Dining Under the Stars AKA "Reason #34059 As to Why My Town Is Cuter Than Yours." The main drag is blocked off to traffic, and all the restaurants set up al fresco seating.  We ate delicious Italian food on a side road and watched couples salsa dance in the street. Perfection! Media Media

The next day meant a trip into the city!  We went to Independence Hall, shopped, visited LOVE Park, and went to Reading Terminal Market.  Oh, and we were way overdressed for the rain that never came.

Independence Hall LOVE Park LOVE ParkLove Park Reading Terminal Market

More to follow!

20 August 2011



I've just been having all sorts of grand adventures with this girl. Complete blog post to follow, most likely on Monday. Media Dresses

16 August 2011

Birthday Thang

My (not so) little sister turned 17 this weekend!! What! When did that happen?

Of course we celebrated in style:
1] Cake
2] Ice cream
3] Thing 1, 2, 3, 4 shirts of course

Birthday Thang Birthday Thang Thangs

Happy Birthday, Paige!

ps- I claim nap face