30 September 2011

I Love Baseball.

The other girls who saw Moneyball with me tonight said that it got kind of long. 

Really? Shoot.  I thought it flew by!  I may not be an athlete, but I sure do love sports movies.  I know, I don't get it either.

/In their defense, they did enjoy it/

29 September 2011

The Phillips Collection

Today I had to make a difficult decision.  I know it was the right one, but that doesn't mean it was easy.  In order to calm my shaky nerves, I spent the evening enjoying extended hours at the Phillips Collection.  And also sneaking semi-inadvertedly into the members-only early preview of the new Degas exhibit.  No matter how often I see various collections of the Degas ballerinas, I never get tired of them.  Brilliant brilliant brilliant. Philips Collection Phillips!

I also fell in love with this painting:
Morris Louis, Seal, 1959

27 September 2011

Some More iPhoto Wins

So I have a picture of the Biebs and JoBros... That's totally normal right?  Anyway, not the point.  The point is the epic failure of iPhoto.


26 September 2011

Weekend of Awesome

Guys guys guys, this weekend was so so good.   And by this weekend, I mean Saturday.  It was incredible!

I volunteered at the Chalk4Peace event at the National Portrait Gallery featuring Michael Kirby, who has won all sorts of awards.  The little kids were so cute and excited to be able to draw on the sidewalk in the city :)
Sidwalk Chalk Sidewalk Chalk

I met up with the ever lovely Jennifer and Sarah at the National Book Festival.  We attended a lecture by Sylvia Nasar, the author of A Beautiful Mind.  I was amazed at the huge turnout!  One of the highlights?  Seeing the Magic School Bus!

Lecture Book Festival Magic School Bus 

We ate lunch at Paul.  Guys, this is a huge deal.  I'd eaten there whilst in France [do I sound super elite right now? I hope so.], and was so happy to find one not just in America, but in D.C. For all interested parties, it is right off of the Archives/Navy Memorial metro stop.


National Museum Day participation!  We went to the Corcoran Gallery, and explored for a few hours.  I was excited to see the Chris Martin exhibit, and it was beautiful!  I recommend that everyone check it out.

There was a Syria protest going on outside of the White House, that we watched for a few minutes.


International Potluck at the stake center.  I was blown away by the variety and quality of food!  Someone made chicken adobo, so I took a picture and sent it to Sam, who just got back from a mission in the Philippines.  He immediately called me and excitedly asked, "Where are you???"

Chicken Adobo 

Relief Society Broadcast.  Was it awesome? Yes.  Do I love President Uchtdorf? Yes. Good good night!

I love my life.

23 September 2011

Does Anybody Else Have This Problem?

This is for you Mac users:  You know when you go through tagging faces in iPhoto and it already recognizes the faces, you just have to confirm or add a name?  Do you ever find that it "recognizes" inanimate objects as faces?  Mine does that.  Which isn't such a problem, except for the fact that about 90% of the time, iPhoto doesn't even register my face.
It's as if I'm not even human. ADD MISSING FACE

My life is so hard.

Archives & Art Shows

On Wednesday, I took a little trip to the National Archives.  What a cool place!  They had a "Research Entrance", and all I wanted was to rush in and read about cool things.  Man, I tell you, I miss being a student sometimes.  And then I remember that I don't have a concrete topic that I'd want to study extensively.  That's part of my problem, academically at least.  There's just so much to know, that I have a hard time committing to one specific topic for any amount of time. 
Nat'l Archives

But that's ok:  I have found Pret a Manger in America!  Delicious delicious delicious :)

I also went to some art show openings last night: Mark Behme and Anne Marchand.  I love love loved so much of Marchand's work.  Really beautiful stuff. art art

I'm really excited for my plans this weekend!  D.C. is awesome!

21 September 2011

Views I Could Get Used To

I love the Smithsonian and the National Mall and DC and art. View Smithsonian Castle

20 September 2011

National Gallery of Art

Yesterday was fantastic and all sorts of memorable.  I visited the National Gallery of Art, which is like the greatest place ever.  I got to study it and discuss it while I was at Cambridge, so it makes it even that much more special to me now.  Due to circumstances out of my control, I wasn't able to see the entire museum.  Guess that just means I'll have to go again :)

NGA I love museums

19 September 2011

A Museum And A Festival

Haha sooo Saturday.  Saturday was the day that I got EPICALLY lost.  Well, lost is the wrong word.  I was very much in the place that I thought I was supposed to be, according to Google maps.  Turns out Google maps LIED to me!  H Street Festival was on the east side of town, not the west.  After well over an hour of wandering around/a tourist giving me her map/a concierge calling a congresswoman in the apartment complex I stopped at for help for directions/ talking with a Metro employee who told me that "The closest Metro stop to there is still pretty far", I was tired and hungry to say the least.  So I regrouped at the National Museum of the American Indian.  Mary and some other people had raved about their cafe, so I had a late lunch there and then explored for the remaining two hours it was open.
Native American Musee Native American Musee Native American Musee Native American Musee Buffalo Burger
Also, let's just talk about the photo of this buffalo burger.  Mostly the fork.  I mean, who uses a fork to spread their ketchup when knives were available?  Apparently I do when I'm too hungry to notice.

Some new friends from the cruise met up with me at the museum right before it closed.  Luckily, they had a car and a GPS app, so we were able to make it to the H Street Festival after all!  Yes, it was five hours later than originally planned and just for the final hour, but I was still so excited!  No way was the day ending without me making it there.
  OMG RITAS IN DC H Street Festival

The night ended at Jennifer's birthday party, where I got to meet new people and make new friends!  No photos, but trust me, it was hip.

Cruising The Potomac

My first ward activity was on Friday, a river boat cruise on the Potomac!  I had been looking forward to it all week, and it didn't fail to deliver.  There was dressing up and dancing and cruisin'.  Which we all know is a winning combination.


16 September 2011

My Visit To The White House

Ha! I totally tricked you with that title, didn't I?  You probably thought that Prez Obama invited me over ["Camille, we need someone with artistic direction in this place.  And would you mind babysitting this weekend?"], but actually I just strolled by since I was in the area anyway this morning.

I'm so legit, that they let me in by the back door:
Flip Side

Lafayette Park is right across the way.  Whilst ambulating on the pathways, a cute older gentleman stopped and asked if he could take my photo, and informed me that the statue in the middle of the park was of Andrew Jackson, not of Lafayette.  He didn't know why, so if anyone figures it out let me know!

Of course I stopped by the Washington Monument.  I didn't see the crack, and we're going to say that that was because no one could get super close, not because my feet were starting to hurt and I didn't think I could circumnavigate the monument inspecting it.
Washington Monument Washington Monument
[I got closer than this, though, don't worry]

I figured it would be rude if I didn't at least make an appearance at the front side of the White House, so I obliged all the paparazzi and stopped for some photos.
Mr. Blue lives in the blue house NBD

To make the midday even better, after Mary picked me up from the Metro, we got lunch at California Tortilla.  Hello delicious non-miniature tacos.  Be sure to ask me about that soda fountain when you see me next.
Mmmm Tacos BURRITO

Highlight of the day?  Someone asked me if I was a local!  I'm working on it, ma'am, I'm working on it.

DC Architecture

I stumbled across this church the other day while on my way to the National Portrait Gallery.

DC Church

15 September 2011

DuPont Circle

On Saturday, I met up with my ever lovely friend Sarah and her roommate Liz and went to dinner!  Both of these girls are in med school, smart, and beautiful, which is enough to intimidate anyone.  Somehow I failed to get a picture of us, which must mean that we were too busy having fun, and not that I forgot.  Especially since I did get pictures...of the food.  Looks like we know where my priorities are.

We ate at this little Italian place that was just heavenly.  See?

Afterwords, they had to go back to the library [goodness, I miss those days], so I just took some time to hang out and walk around the Circle for a bit.  I started off with getting a cupcake at Hello Cupcake.  It was pretty good, I just still prefer Sweet Tooth Fairy.Hello Cupcake

I sat by the fountain for a while, just thinking and enjoying the metropolitan feel.  And getting hit on.  But that's another story.
DuPont Circle DuPont Circle

Before I caught the metro back, I sat and enjoyed some music outside of Panera.DuPont Circle Panera

And it was good.  

14 September 2011

Sitting On Capitol Hill

Last night was so much fun!  I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture sponsored by ConSource featuring David McCullough at the Capitol Building.  It was short--a little over an hour--but it was definitely interesting.  I was impressed with all that ConSource is doing, and Mr. McCullough just knows everything about American history.  And everything about everything else.

CapitOl Capitol
After the presentation, I was introduced to Good Stuff Eatery!  All the hype is right--the toasted marshmallow shake really is delicious!  And those fries?  They may have been small, but they were most certainly heavenly.  We tried 5 or 6 different dipping sauces for the fries, which was super fun. My personal favorite was the spicy one.

Good Stuff Toasted Mallow Frye Sauces Toasted Mallow Subway