31 October 2011

Little Letters

Thank you for your delicious food and beautiful atmosphere.  Especially, thank you for your delicious cookies and funny checkers.

xo,  Less Grumpy Now That I've Been Fed

Thank you for all of your rockin' [literally] power love ballads!  What else would I want to dance to?  And don't lie, all of you "haters."  Everyone loves Celine.

xo, Rockstar For The Night

I know you're dead and all, but thank you for this video.  You've got moves.
xo, Thrilled

30 October 2011

Office Win

Anyone in my Advanced Writing for Art History class remember writing on this? Well, the real one.  And the way our prof [mis]pronounced the artist's name and it drove me uh-crazy? Goodtimegoodtimes.

29 October 2011

Online Checkout-In Real Life

Funny video. British accents! What's not to love?

No, I Don't Have Cancer, Thank You

Last night was a giant Halloween party for the 20-something single kids of my faith in the area.  I got to help with the event, and was so happy at how well it turned out!  There were a few hundred people dancing away, all dressed in awesome costumes, and it was a blast!

So I went as the Girl with a Pearl Earring.  I knew it might take most people a minute or two to get it, if they ever did.  But I did not expect a comment I got from the Black Swan: "I saw you and wanted to give you a hug because I thought you had cancer.  Like, in real life."  Just makes me wonder what she thought my dress and cardigan was supposed to be...

Here are some other shots from the night.  Yes, the 2 Marios got into a flirtatious fight, and I had to repair the female Mario's costume. With ribbons. NBD.  The funniest costume to me was OccupyDC2: "99% of the money you spend on dates will be a waste."
Nerdddd OccupyDC2 Mario Roomies

28 October 2011


I like to Skype with this girl:
She is funny!

27 October 2011

Let The Countdown Begin

So I'm normally one of those people who doesn't start Christmas music or Christmas countdowns until the day after Thanksgiving or 25 November, depending on how I'm feeling that year.

But oh my, this song, this video, makes me want Christmas to be here right now.  And someone to sing it to me.  It doesn't have to be JBiebs, but I wouldn't say no.

26 October 2011

Stop What You Are Doing

And join me on a journey of delicious flavour.  Tall soy pumpkin spice steamer with whip accompanied with pumpkin macrons, you are a most delicious lunch.  :)


25 October 2011


I went up to Boston this weekend for a conference, and it was so great to go to what I most consider to be home.  Autumn there is just as good as I remember!

The road trip up was long but super fun.  We stopped for lunch in Staten Island, and Jen braided my hair again.  We made a video.  Get pumped. Roadtrip Waterfall Hair Staten Island

The conference was really great.  Our group had a lot of interesting discussion, and I got to show off/make up my artistic skills.  We were right by the river and got to watch some of the regatta, which I know Rachel G. will be excited about. Boston Harbor MIT

Saturday night ended with a river boat cruise, or as we hipsters are starting to call it, an RBC.  We all know that dancing on a river is my thing.

On Sunday, I got to see my brother and sister-in-law.  They are such Rockstars!  So cute!  We used vacation rules, and went to Dunkin Donuts and got a dozen delicious flavours.  Soooo yeah, 4 donuts for me.... DD Sibs

Again, thanks to HB for hosting me!

24 October 2011

Sign That You Are A Nerd

You find proper grammar positively irresistible.  

**Also, found my camera cord! Boston post forthcoming!

23 October 2011

Get Ready

For a post full of awesome sites, an RBC, TABC clothes, and the beauty of Boston.  I mean, I'm pretty sure I brought the cord that connects my camera to my computer with me, but I have been unable to find it in lovely Hannabeth's room as of yet...so maybe it's still in D.C.? Let us hope so.

20 October 2011

Maybe It's Just The Yoga Endorphins Talking

But life is grand!

Birthdays and Macarons

So today is my little younger brother's brithday, and earlier this month was my older brother's birthday.  I will write a combined HAPPY BIRTHDAY post later... right after I sew that button on my coat that fell off two weeks ago... 

HOWEVER, I still wanted to blog about cookies.  Not just any cookies. Macarons.  They have been everywhere lately!! {OA roommates--did I call it, or did I call it?} And it's autumn so naturally everything pumpkin is on my mind.  Welllll today, my coworker found PUMPKIN MACARONS online and she is totally ordering them to the office and life is going to be so good once they arrive!!


19 October 2011

Good Things

1. A roommate who can do waterfall braids.

2. Spur of the moment attempts with the same roommate to make baklava without a recipe.  At 11pm.

3. THIS BROWNIE.  So good that I only took a picture after I ate it.

18 October 2011

My Favourite Artist

He speaks/photographs/writes to my soul.  No one encapsulates l'essence de Camille better than he.  Mr. Smith, if you ever see this, thank you for being able to express myself better than I can.  Discovering your work six years ago as a high school senior changed my life.

[Image property of Rodney Smith]

15 October 2011


Today, Jennifer, Kyle, Stephanie, & I went to Annapolis! Wahoo! The main reason I was excited? Because I saw the movie a few years ago and they were all hot. No shame.

We explored town and went to a book shop.
Annapolis Book Shoppe Books and Annopolis Book Shoppe in Annapolis Annapolis Books and Annopolis 

We toured the Naval Academy.
Naval AcademyNavy AcadamieNaval Academy 

We ate at Chick and Ruth's Delly, of Man Vs. Food fame! One of the freshman even completed the very same challenge while we were there, so naturally I got a photo with him.
MAN VS. FOOD Chick and Ruth's Delly Chick and Ruth's Delly Chick and Ruth's Delly

We finished the day off with a quick trip to the State Capitol, the very same building where George Washington resigned his command [room not pictured here].
Maryland State Capitol
Maryland State Capitol

High Bun tutorial {/here/}


Well lookie here :)

So cool so cool!!  Read more about his cool self here.  One of Elton Johns's heroes, and that bit about 2 tour buses? Awesome.

14 October 2011

Proof That I Really Am Cool

GUYS!!! So I hope that this doesn't come off the wrong way, but I'm actually kind of cool!!  I've had two  examples this week alone.

1] The Rock Star Diaries family went apple picking this last Saturday, as they posted on Wednesday.  What did I do this Saturday as well? I went apple picking!! In the very same state!! [I may or may not have freaked out to my roommate Jennifer that I am a Rockstar/wondering if we missed seeing them at the same orchard/general obsessing over how cool they are]

DSCN1420 DSCN1413 

2] For those of you who don't know, I'm obsessed with Matt Clayton's photography.  I've never met him, but I refer him to all of my hip friends when they're looking for an engagement photographer.  Today, he posted a photoshoot in Eureka.  Where did I do a shoot in June 2010? Eureka. At the very same wall.


Maybe I am hip after all! There is hope!

12 October 2011


Seriously, how cool are people?  Nature plays Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring better than I do it seems!

11 October 2011

On How I Love My Walk Back From The Metro

I mean, how could you not? Hello, bridge through a glade.Parkside

Other things I love combined in one article:

10 October 2011

My Weekend Was Splendid

How was yours?  I'm having a little problem with photos right now, so my afternoon of apple picking on Saturday because I'm a hipster like that post will have to be delayed.  I do, however, have a cell phone picture from my Saturday morning petit-déjeuner with my parents.  This one below is funny because I was ragging on my dad for not really smiling (he had a solid minute to whilst my mom figured out my phone's camera), to which he replied, "What? I was just being French!" Lolzzz

Vie de France

I also have lots of beautiful pictures that Jourdan keeps sending me that I ask/need her to stop sending because they are so beautiful but secretly love that she doesn't.

08 October 2011

A Capitol Tour And Friday Night Adventures

Friday was the last day I have off before I start my job on Monday.  Stephanie had the morning off, too.  So the natural thing to do was to visit our friend Kyle at the Capitol and get a behind-the-scenes tour of the building.  It was so interesting!  So much cool stuff, and we got one of the coolest views ever!
Balcony Brigh CENTRE OF DC  B. halls Balcony   Capitol 

After the tour, Stephanie and I went to the National Gallery, and saw what I didn't have time to last time. So so beautiful.  I want to go back all of the time.  I love it!

Last night ended up differently than planned.  Rachael, James, Jennifer, and I were planning on going to a Havana Nights rooftop embassy dance party.  Things changed when we got there, looked at the crowd, and turned around.  Too old and too few dance partners.  So we ended up going to a jazz club, free-style rapping, laughing, and braving the bus.  The night ended most perfectly with cookies. Metro Metro Metro Metro