29 November 2011

Today Was A Day

Ok, more like this afternoon was an afternoon.  A wee bit stressful at work.  
FORTUNATELY I have the greatest friends and family.

I mean, whose friends serendipitously send them flowers on Sunday, knowing that they would need them on Tuesday? {And all the way from Texas! Thank you, Kayla!!}

And who has a sister who uses her hair to turn herself into Santa?

I guess the answer to both questions is "I do."
I am blessedblessed!


Look for my appearance at around :12.  I'M FAMOUS!

Let's also talk about how rocking this will be! Can't wait!

27 November 2011


Guys, don't know how I forgot to blog about last Saturday! I'll have to do that before I do yesterday. It was awesome!  Don't believe me?  Here is photographic proof:


{Authentic D.C.} CUPCAKES!! Even better, this one was FREE!!!

The Elders' Quorum hosted a Relief Society Appreciation dinner.  Oh my darling, I can not get over how amazing the night was!  And it's been over a week.  Most especially, the music was incredible {hello, Sibelius}.  And some of the guys got up and said the sweetest things about their appreciation of women.  How lucky am I to know such men?


26 November 2011

An Open House & A Reunion

Remember that time that Parker&Carolyn got married?  And how it was in Utah?  And how we're from PA?  WELL we were able to bring Christmas cheer a little early this year for all of those who have been sitting around the Philadelphia area in devastation at being unable to attend the Utah nuptials and ensuing festivities, as we hosted an open house last night!  It was really fun, and Carolyn got to meet some of our favourite people in the area.  A shout out to my poor neighbor who got his wisdom teeth out the day before Thanksgiving...poor kid!

Creepy Creepers Normal SJD 

I also had a high school reunion last night.  I only got one picture all night, and it was with my good friend JWalk {that's his street name--in a few years it'll be Dr. JWalk}.  We're neighbors, but we've seen each other maybe once since graduation {although we have talked on the phone a bit--whenever I walk down to his place to see if he's home, his mom seems to be on the phone with him}, so it's just funny that it took a high school reunion to get us in the same place at the same time.  I got to see some other friends, too, which was great! Let me just say though, that the event was the most expensive glass of water I've ever had.  An open bar doesn't mean much to a girl who don't drink.JWalk :)

25 November 2011

OK, Now Eyes Open

I hope you all enjoyed the guest posts this week! I mos def did...virtual snaps!

Now back to talking about me.  That's why we're all here anyway, right?  Home has been grand--family, food, relaxing.  A few shots from the big day yesterday:

Paige, like Belle, can't not blink in photos. Further proof that dogs and their owners are alike.
The world's BEST apple pie.Apple Piiiiieeeee

StyleMint Video Quiz

Love this fun MK&A interactive video style quiz.

24 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Camille (That's Me!)

I spend a lot of time thinking about what it is that makes the heart of life good.  Ultimately, that's the whole aim of this blog.  Posting about my adventures, thoughts, and interests, no matter how big or small, is really nothing more than documenting my own process to understand this.  What makes the heart of life good? Why do I desire to have a good life? What are the benefits of leading a good life? What have I done to deserve having a good life?

I still haven't answered any or all of these questions fully.  As I sat and thought about the many people who are Good influences in my life, I made a list of traits and attributes that these people possess:

Good humouredness
Seeks after Beauty
Sureness of eternal perspective and eternal nature

To me, all of these traits {and so many more unlisted ones} can be summed up in one word: CHARITY.  For the past few years, it seems to me that everything really does come back to this one little word.  I sit and think about various problems in the world, both macro- and microscopic, and as I ponder and discuss with friends and family, the conclusion that I come to over and over and over is that Charity really never faileth.  I believe that we would all be so much happier, that we would all recognize that the heart of life really is good, if we strove to be just the slightest bit more charitable everyday. 

This year, I'm thankful for fears.  For challenges that help me to develop and to grow these traits and to help me progress towards who I aim to become.  I am especially thankful for friends and family who expemplify these characteristics, and who teach me through their actions.  I'm thankful that I know that I have a Saviour who possesses all of these traits perfectly, and who still loves me for my imperfections and strivings to be like Him.

I'm thankful that I know that the heart of life is good.

I am thankful!

On a lighter note, I am thankful for: cool door knobs, adventures, good haircuts, sales, museums, yoga, my amazing friends and family, crunchy leaves, waterice, anything that sparkles {except vampires}, good looking men, film cameras, and dry shampoo.

23 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Paige

What I’m thankful for.
-My family
I absolutely love my family.  My parents are my heroes and my siblings are my inspirations.  My parents have taught me everything that I know.  I wouldn’t be able to do anything without them.  I don’t give them enough credit for that.  I guess this is my big shout out of “thank you” towards them.  My brother Parker was like my IDOL when I was little.  I was so intrigued by him and how he interacted with my parents.  I always loved how even though I was the youngest and much younger than him, I always knew that he cared about me and wanted to talk with me.  He still always checks up on me even though he hasn’t lived in the same house as me since 5th grade and I truly appreciate that.    Then there's my sister.  Let’s just say that my sister Camille is the beautiful one.  I envy her (of course in a good way).  She just rocks my world.  She has taught me to listen to my hopes and dreams, not listen to idiots, and pray that it all works out.  Although I will admit that I don’t have fond memories sharing a room with her, since the day she moved away I haven’t stop missing her.  Samuel is my best geek friend known to mankind.  He has taught me how to be nice to the smart kids that make you so aggravated because they excel so well in school.  He’s taught me about compassion, serving others, and not making someone feel less about themselves. I know I can count on him for anything and that he’s always just a phone call away. And Carolyn, although I barely know you, I love you because you bring happiness to my brother…which makes me happy.  I love my family. 
Although we live 3,000 plus miles away, I love our relationship.  I like how even with the distance and many years lacking in communication, we’re there for each other.  We’re going through the same things and it’s nice knowing there’s someone out there in the world who’s similar to you.  I love how every memory with you we’re laughing.  I’m thankful that you were there for me when grandma died.  I’m forever grateful for that. 
You don’t know what a best friend is like till you know Jenna.  We have basically been raised to have completely opposite views on life and religion yet that doesn’t come between us.  I love how she’s never once judged or thought of me different because I’m LDS.  I cherish our friendship and our time spent together because I know that our time spent together is slowly melting away as we grow older. 
This has strangely impacted my life.  I find that the best way for me to communicate through music, is the piano.  I always feel God’s love for me whenever I play it, even if it’s “Stairway to Heaven”….I never want to lose this talent. 
“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time” –Thomas Merton.  I have learned a lot through art.  Although I let it get to me sometimes when people say “it’s stupid” that I want to pursue art, I shouldn’t.  I love art, I love creating, and I love learning!  You can find art in anything, just try! 
I can’t put into words my gratitude for church.  I guess you’ll just have to try it out for yourself to understand.  Let’s just say that I without a doubt believe it and that’s just spiffy for me. 
Well, seeing how it is Thanksgiving and how I can’t go an hour without thinking about food….how could I not mention this?  I LOVE creating food.  I think it’s great.  I love how food brings comfort and all kinds of emotions.  Food is definitely a beautiful thing. Hah!  
Happy Thanksgiving!! Gobble. Heh. (:

Paigey is an artist, a musician, and the world's best sister.  She has the most bodacious head of hair ever, which this author somehow didn't get the gene for...go figure.  Paige is in the midst of receiving a neverending stream of college acceptance letters, and now has to decide which university she is going to grace with her presence.

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Ashley


Hi my name is Ashley and I am thankful!!!

I am thankful for those moments in life where you are so very happy because you are surrounded by the most wonderful people and doing something sweet! I saw a movie tonight (The Big Year, best movie ever, see it ASAP it will inspire you to either go bird watching or just do something fulfilling and extraordinary) as I laughed and cried and laughed again and just smiled from ear to ear, I looked over at my mom and my smile grew even bigger because I was hanging with one of the coolest people ever, besides the whole giving birth to me thing she is the sweetest person I know and a great friend. The theme of the movie was, you have to do the things that you love and do them with the people you love. I met dear Camille at the Springville Art Museum. Our instant friendship lead to laughter and giddy skips down the halls and the best times of my life. 
I am also thankful for sequins and faux fur vests. Clouds, stars, mountains, brownies, bubbles and glitter.
I am thankful for the music that has accompanied me through my life thus far. Whether it be N’SYNC, COLDPLAY, DEATH CAB, HILARY DUFF or even that time I was way into soundtracks. I listen to a song and it takes me back to that awkward 7th grade dance where I was terrified to slow dance. Or when I toured Europe only listening to the Backstreet Boy’s comeback album.  Some songs make me think of the boys who made mixed CDs for me to profess their love through song, or the songs that helped me get over boys (oh Lifehouse). Music makes going on drives through the mountains incredible as you sing with your friends at the top of your lungs, hoping that the moment will never end and that time will just stand still. I think music is here so we can always remember the good times. Might I suggest the new Coldplay CD or the latest mashup on glee featuring songs by Adele… you won’t regret it.
Thanks Camille for allowing me to be thankful on your blog. I am really really really thankful for our friendship. I wish we didn’t live so far away but at least I can read your blog and pretend I am visiting museums with you or being on luxurious boat rides with you. You are one of the great people who have come into my life and made me so happy!!!!! Love you!!!

Ashley is amazingly awesome- if I could pick an older sister, I would pick her.  She is funny, stylish, well-travelled, and often busts out an awkward hand in photos {look for it, it's going to be big, I promise}. She has a talent for making people laugh, which makes my life that much better.  Ashley enjoys awkward moments in museums and joking around with old museum directors.

22 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Jennifer

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day." 
— E.B. White

Once, on a rainy day early in spring, I had to take two suitcases on the Washington, D.C. metro by myself. I was dealing with the stress of moving, running late for an event I didn't really want to attend, feeling overwhelmed, and just generally having trouble being happy. We all have our days (right?). I rushed down the crowded sidewalk, my suitcases trundling precariously along the curb as I tried my best to weave in and out of the crowd. When I reached the metro station, I was out of breath and the escalator was out of order. I realized I wasn't sure where the elevator entrance was located. As I stood in the rain, bedraggled and exhausted, a man in a tuxedo walked up to me and smiled, said, "Let me help you," and picked up the larger of my suitcases. As he walked down the broken escalator, I noticed that he was accompanied by a woman in a wedding dress and a photographer. They had just gotten married and were taking some wedding photos downtown. I gave them a heartfelt thank you and congratulated them on their incredibly recent nuptials, then went on my way feeling decidedly more optimistic. I smiled at the other metro riders. I counted my blessings. I passed on the joy that had been passed to me. 

I'm still amazed that this couple took time out of their wedding day, one of those few days in their life when no one would think less of them for forgetting all about improving the world and focusing simply on enjoying themselves, to help a complete stranger. But it was clear to me that they were happy to help. They multiplied their joy by sharing it with me. It turns out that you don't have to choose whether to improve the world or enjoy it; in fact, the very greatest enjoyment of the world is found in improving it. 

Pain throws your heart to the ground - We all have our days.
Love turns the whole thing around - "Let me help you."
No, it won't all go the way it should - They were taking wedding photos downtown.
But I know the heart of life is good. - I passed on the joy that had been passed on to me. 

Jennifer is a swimmer, macaron-lover, and French speaker.  She has a real gift for seeing the excellence in every person she meets, and makes sure that she tells people what she sees.  She is the kind of girl who does not shy away from things she doesn't understand, but instead puts forth all the energy she possesses to figure things out.  Jennifer and I enjoy doing yoga together and baking things without recipes at all hours of the night.

21 November 2011

The Heart of Life Is Good- Charlotte

I met Camille in our freshman year at BYU in French 201, and since graduation we've stayed in touch via blogging. She's tres chic, non? (Pretty much she's the one of the most popular people I know. So the fact she asked me to guest post was a big deal over in my blogging corner.) When Camille told me what she wanted me to write about I mulled for a long time. A long time. What makes the heart of my life good? I'm certainly thankful for many things. Things like Netflix, Diet Pepsi, Pinterest, mint chocolate truffles, new TV episodes, hot chocolate, and blog comments. Seriously, though. What makes the heart of my life good? What defends my silver lining?

And then it hit me. The heart of my life is creation. Since leaving school I suddenly found myself with loads of time on my hands. My days weren't filled with classes, and my evenings weren't filled with homework. I started to divert the creativity that I'd previously used to write 10-page papers and balance school and work into felt rosettes, satin headbands, and gingerbread houses. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and have spent this year learning to sew and deriving simple joy in things like finding the perfect wool-spandex blend. I've also studied up on cakes, bread, and pies, determined to learn the art of baking. (Sometimes I throw failed cakes, and sometimes they turn out delicious. I'm definitely still working on it.)

I find creation in words, both in the reading and writing of them. Words create memories, emotion, and growth. I love words. The heart of my life is good because I can use it to create more good. When I give creativity priority--whether through sewing, baking, writing, or reading--I feel fulfilled, purposeful, and powerful. This Thanksgiving I'm giving express thanks for all that I can do, for those things in my life that enable me to create. Sometimes I'm scared to create, to try, even to succeed. But here's the thing: it's worth it. Because really creation in all good forms is a means by which we come closer to our Father and Savior, and what can come closer to the heart of life than that?
Pain throws your heart to the ground;
love turns the whole thing around.
Fear is a friend who's misunderstood,
But I know the heart of life is good.

Happy Thanksgiving, Life Less Ordinary readers!

Charlotte is a lover of big words {what's the word that means big words?}, delicious treats, and Vocal Point.  She is smart as can be, and always has a smile on her face.  You can't help but to be happy around her, and she has been such a great friend over the years.  Charlotte currently resides in Oregon, which totally increased the real estate value of the whole state.

20 November 2011

The Heart Of Life Is Good- Megan

Hello, readers of Camille’s fabulous blog!

Camille was kind enough have me write a guest post on her blog. It’s about Thanksgiving, because it’s almost here! J So, thank you to Camille for letting me write on her blog, and please pardon me if I get too sentimental. And that I don’t have a lot of pretty pictures. I’m more of a word person.  

Remember in pre-school when you made the “grateful turkeys”? You’d trace your pudgy, sticky hand, color in a turkey, and then write down five things you were grateful for as the feathers.

Here’s a grateful turkey (sorry it is a plain turkey . . . I am a poor college student and I have no colorful construction paper):
Megan's Turkey
Isn’t he cute?

But when it really comes down to it, there is too much to put on the grateful turkeys. While real turkeys have thousands of feathers, grateful turkeys are only allowed five (or six, depending on your genetics).

I can’t limit myself to only five things I’m grateful for. Because for me, the heart of life is good because of the simple things.

You’d think—as an English major and history minor—that I would be unredeemably sarcastic, cynical, and skeptical. But that’s not the case. And don’t get me wrong, I know enough of the sorrows in the world to make me a cynic. But there is so much potential for good in the world—and more than that, just goodness in the world—that keeps me joyful. The joy in the simple is what makes me an optimist. And every day is filled with more simple things to be grateful for.

So this is what makes the heart of life so incredibly good:

That blazing-red tree you pass every day home from work/school.
That jolt in your stomach when you realize that special someone thinks you’re beautiful.   
Those days when your hair just smells good.
Daffodils pricking their way through the dark, cold soil of spring.
Brilliant yellow ginko leaves carpeting the grass.
The musky scent of autumn.
Laughter that fills like a bowl of chowder.
Soul-satisfying conversations with friends that last until four-thirty in the morning.
Waking up on a January morning and realizing you still have two hours to sleep in your warm bed.
The surprise of a shooting star.  
That stranger who opens the door for you, and smiles while doing it.
The “aha!” moment of finally remembering a mind-hidden fact on a test.
A sleeping baby holding your pinky.
Ripe August peaches.
Walking into the apartment after a long day and smelling dinner cooking in the oven.
Getting to read for fun.
Cocoa warming your hands.
Opening the mailbox and finding a hand-written letter.
Lights at Christmas time.
Singing in the shower.
Looking at old photographs.
Those “kindred spirit” moments.

. . . the list goes on and on. There are new simple things to enjoy every day. And to remember every day.

For me, these simple things are what make the everyday sublime . . . and so incredibly beautiful and good.

Megan is a reader, writer, and muffin baker.  She loves England and the German language, and she might just be the nicest person alive.  She deserves a never-ending round of applause for putting up with my crazy self.  At the time that this post was written, she was in the processes of putting in her mission papers, and hopes to receive her call in the near future.

The Heart Of Life Is Good

A few days ago, I alluded to something awesome that I'll be doing this week.  Well, this week has finally arrived, and I am excited to announce my first ever guest post series

 I got the idea while I was listening to a John Mayer song  and the lyric "I Know the Heart of Life is Good" kept sounding again and again in my head.  Thus inspired, I asked some of my favourite bloggers to write about what they're thankful for, and what makes the heart of their own lives good.  Guys, the responses have been phenomenal- so well written, and so inspiring.  Starting today and through Thanksgiving, I'll be sharing these posts with you.  

I'd love to hear what others of you have to say! What makes the heart of your life good? What are you thankful for?  Feel free to comment or email me: cmoff519{at}yahoo{dot}com


19 November 2011

1/2 for 1/2

I was really tempted to make that title say "1/2 4 1/2"... all numbers, totally cool right?

Anyways, I would like to thank Madewell for having an additional 50% off of their sale items in honor of today being my half birthday! So many crazy deals! I feel like I stole from them.  Go get it while you can, ladies. 

17 November 2011

Gingerbread, Art, & Pie {And A Hint!}

Don't you love those weeknights that are so fun it almost feels like the weekend?  I sure do, minus the whole actually having to wake up and go to work the next day thing.  But that's ok since tomorrow is FRIDAY!

After work, I had a little time to kill, so I hung out at Starbucks. Holy gingerbread soy steamer, you are delicious.  I love you so much.
Starbucks Merry Together 

Once I was done killing time {I feel like I should add a tally mark somewhere...}, I met up with Jennifer for one of my favourite things: an art opening!  It was at AAAS, and it was really cool to see science and art so integrated.  There were some phenomenal photographs by a NatGeo guy, they ruled.

Our next and final destination took some time to get to.  {Side note: work smarter, not harder.}  But it was well worth it once we arrived! It was a girls' night of pie and a cheesy movie that merited lots of peanut gallery comments {so glad that the characters listened to me and fell in love}. The whole soiree was so funnyyyyy.  I like funny.
Pie :) 

I'm planning a most excellent weekend, as well as a little treat for all of you next week!  It's turning out well, and I'm excited to share it with you :)

16 November 2011

Writer's Block...Sorta

Guys, I seem to be suffering a little bit of writer's block right now.  In my defense, I just moved into my new house this weekend {I have my own room! And a closet! No more living out of a laundry hamper in a storage room!}.  I want to show you all my new place {so much potential AKA there is like no furniture}, but mostly I want a dresser.  A cheap dresser.  A very cheap dresser that has potential so that I can refurbish it.  I've been doing some research, and who knew that dressers cost so much?  I'm guessing everyone else.  But in any case, my room is thus a disaster {I know...already}, and in no shape to be shown off.  And I'm like insanely busy until this time next week.  Oi vay. 

I went to Mickey D's last night for the first time in ages.  Don't know why I was craving it, seeing as how I tend to avoid fast food like the plague {Frosty's don't count}.  I was in there for a matter of minutes before this creepy dirty old guy started trying to hit on me.  Let's just say that it will be ages again before I enter a fast food restaurant {drive thru's don't count}.

But I guess if being sans dresser and getting hit on by weirdos as McDonald's are my biggest problems, then lifeain'tsobad.

14 November 2011

11-11-11 Activities

I'm really glad that 11-11-11 ended up being awesome because I totally R.S.V.P.'ed to the worldwide Facebook event for it like 8 months ago.  It would have been such a waste otherwise.

Since I live in D.C., and not only was it 11-11-11 but Veterans Day as well, I grabbed my roommates {Literally. Just kidding, they were more than willing and excited for the adventure} and we went to the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial.  We also saw the Einstein Statue, and cozied up for a physics lesson. Mall and Washington howl. GWM Stephanie and Jennifer WWII lincoln Washington from Lincoln GETTSYBURGADDY ABE&GEORGE&JEN Einstein

The night ended with witnessing a crazy car crash.  It was all sorts of intense, and I would love to tell you about it next time I see you.


13 November 2011

Let's Be Honest Here

This is what I want.
{photos via [here] and [here]. ub-sessed with both.}

I am not ashamed.  I am surprised at the number of people who I know should feel the same, but don't.  I can not get over the number of people who scoff at it, and the number of women in that group who find it degrading.  Because I don't.  I don't think it means giving up who I am.  I don't think it makes me any less of a person.  This is what I individually want and need.  And contrary to a seemingly popular belief, it is empowering.  I crave that love & service & challenge.  But at the slightest whisper or faintest mention of how I feel, the person with whom I express these desires clams up--in that I disagree with you but want to be polite so I won't say anything kind of way.  It pains me.  Because if everyone feels this way, it leaves me with no one.  That's what scares me most.


There's so much more rounded out emotion to how I feel about this, but only so much can be conveyed in a blog.  

11 November 2011

Blue & Red

My night has been adventurous to say the least.  I'll post sometime this weekend or Monday, but seeing as how I'm finally moving into my own place tomorrow {!}, there's other things I've got to do.  Like pack.  Or realistically, think about packing and then just throw it into the car when my Mom comes down.

I've also been half-fainting all day since quite literally the moment I woke up.  And it's maybe happening right now.  So that's fun.

Have a lovely weekend!

A {Short} Film & A Photo

Gisele's haiiiiirrrrrr.  I have a crush on her hair.

Bal d'hiver, Paris, 1955 by Inge Morath

PS- Happy 11.11.11

10 November 2011

Bug Eyes

Has anyone else noticed that there are a lot of people on the Metro with BUG EYES?  
I Googled "people with bug eyes" so I could include a picture, but they are all quite terrifying so I won't include any here.  
But trust me, it is WEIRD, and it makes me worry that if I spend too much time on the Metro that I will become one of them.

09 November 2011

20-Something & Single

From: Jennifer
To: Camille
Sent: Wednesday, November 9, 2011 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Fwd: AAAS Marine Science + Art - Opening Reception Invite

DANGIT now I have one about engagement rings. thx Camille.
On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 11:25 AM, Camille wrote:
Also, let's talk about how ALL OF THE ADVERTS on my Gmail are about engagement rings and weddings. ALL OF THEM. There is nothing in my emails to merit that kind of advertising.  FURTHER PROOF THAT GOOGLE PHISHES MY BRAIN!!

Gmail: the internet parent.  Tell me something I don't know.

One More

Yes, Halloween was a week and a half ago.  But I just got this photo earlier this week of my costume, and I wanted to share.  Thanks as ever to Michele Trichler.  {See more of our work together here}

08 November 2011

Good Things On The Way Back From Work


Sounding like this:


Super Awesome Sundayyyy

I can't stop thinking about how great Sunday was!  My friend Andrea got baptized, and it was an absolutely beautiful service.  What a rockstar.  She is incredibly smart, talented, and beautiful, and I've loved the friendship we've built.
ANDREA Baptism 

One of the many things I've loved about being back home on the east coast is remembering how long autumn really lasts.  Utah's "fall" only lasts 3 days {in a good year}, whereas it's been 3 months here.  LOVE IT.
Woods BLUE 

Sunday night, our apartment hosted a curry dinner for all of us Cambridge kids who are in the area.  It was a night of delicious food and interesting conversation.  I can't get over how phenomenal my friends are, and how much they really mean to me. PKP CREW

07 November 2011

Saturday Advens

What a great day Saturday was!  I went and paid my deposit on the house I'm moving into next week.  Giving up all that money wasn't so fun, but the place is basically a blank slate, so I've had loads of design ideas brewing in my head.  I'm beyond pumped.  It will be good.

After that, I ate lunch at Panera, which is pretty much one of my happy places.  And then I bought cute gloves at Anthro. And it was good.

I next went to the Natural History Museum, which never ceases to amaze me!  Mammal section anyone? Wondrous!  And since the weather has been unreal these last few days, I took some time to read outside on the Mall, right across from the Castle.  And it was good.
Musee Reading Mall

06 November 2011

Last Friday Night

And afternoon, but that's not a song title, so it's not going in this post title.

Stephanie doesn't have her internship on Fridays, so she came down to Bethesda for lunch!  I had been craving Indian earlier in the week, so I was so happy when she suggested that we eat at at Shangri-La.  It was delicious :)
  Lunch Indian! Lunch

After [the most stressful day yet of] work, I went down to Arlington and got what is quite literally the best haircut of my life!  Let's be real here people, my bangs were having trouble.  They were so sad and neglected.  Sorry, bangs!  But now they are so great and I love them!  Thank you Ashley!  Ask me for her information, you won't regret it.

My friend Rachel from my home ward had a housewarming party just a few blocks away from where I got my haircut on Friday, too!  Oh my beautiful, let's just talk about how amazing their house is!! I am definitely jealous of happy for her!  I plan on making any excuse possible to go visit her.
Housewarming Hostess Decor Housewarming Party