31 December 2011


I am sooo ready for 2012.
Not that 2011 hasn't been great to me, because it has:

I went to some concerts with Natalie.
I haven't stopped "temporarily relocating" stuff.
I attended a bridal tea party for some beautiful women.
I moved into a house with awesome roommates.

But mostly, I want it to be 2012 because then it will be next week.
The last 2 have been pretty long.
So I'd really like the new year to get here.

30 December 2011

Everything's Cuter When It's Little

INCLUDING THESE TINY LITTLE PRESENTS!!! I happened upon them at my friend Laura Jayne's last night, and I was/am obsessed.  I mean, c'mon! How cute are these???
tiny presents

29 December 2011


In case you haven't picked up on it by now, I'll just come out and say it:  I like good food!
Last night was no exception.  Ciara told me about this delicious pizza place called 2AMYS.  I feel like calling it a "pizza place" doesn't do it justice, but it'll have to suffice for now.  The restaurant was packed, and for good reason.  I loved it!  I ate the whole thing, even after a super large lunch earlier in the day.

Thanks, Ciara, for keeping me busy and for telling me about delicious food!  And for jamming to Justin Timberlake in the car with me! Oh, and for accidentally coordinating with me.  Just realised that we did that when I looked at these pictures side by side.  Winning!

28 December 2011

The Time My Brother Came To Visit For A Night

I drove back to D.C. on Monday afternoon.  Luckily my brother decided to come, too, since my radio chose to not work for the entire drive.

We got back just in time for dinner, and went out to eat some amaaaaaazzzinggg curry.  Trust me, I've eaten a lot of curry.  This stuff was glorious.  

Of course we had to take the metro and hit up some monuments.
Metro ALincs 

 However, the one I was most excited to show Sam was the  Einstein statue!
Einsteins Einsteins

He was so giddy, it was hysterical!  Chemical engineer much?

27 December 2011

Mad About Plaid

A few weeks ago, my mom called me and asked me what my "thoughts on plaid were."  Of course I immediately went off on how much I love plaid {I had just bought 2 new plaid shirts earlier that same weekend} and extolled the virtues of the pattern.

I somehow forgot about that conversation until Christmas morning, when all of the kids who were at home opened up PLAID SHIRTS!!!!  I was a-jumping with joy!

The family that plaids together, stays together.  True story. MadAboutPlaid MadAboutPlaid MadAboutPlaid MadAboutPlaid MadAboutPlaid MadAboutPlaid
That last one is funny because I was testing the self-timer and the frame, and obviously failed.

26 December 2011


I love the kids that I grew up with.
B2Christmas 10

Some love each other a little more than the rest...
B2Christmas 13
The above photo really actually was 100% totally candid.  No joke.

25 December 2011

Joyeux Noel!

In case you didn't get what you were hoping for, here's a little gem for your viewing pleasure to make your holidays brighter! :
Photo on 2011-12-25 at 13.07 #3

I am so incredibly blessed for the people that I have in my life.  I am even more blessed that my Saviour Jesus Christ was born.

Aaaand, one more of some models, crossing all kinds of barriers by switching coats:
Photo on 2011-12-25 at 13.06

24 December 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

I hope that everyone's Christmas Eve is as nostalgic as Sam's!!
{Yes, that is an old math book he's looking at...no joke, I think he got a little teary eyed as he thought of his freshman year of high school, all those many years ago.} nostalgia


23 December 2011

Looks About Right

I must be home:

Attempting splits on the island {by a basket full of Korean treats, no less}...

...and Paige asleep with her dog.
Dawg Tired

21 December 2011

Good Things

1. Modern technology. Internet. Email.

2. People who use tons of tape on their Christmas wrapping {like my boss}.  There's something endearing about it.

3.  When my boss told me, "I thought you might be a Jane Austen fan."

4. That apparently red lips are my signature look {a member of the bishopric said that he didn't recognize me without them at the Christmas party}

5. Free food at Taylor in Bethesda yesterday {thanks to my roommate Alicia for telling me about it!}

6. Girls' night to a performance of Pride & Prejudice at Round House Theatre

8. This video by the ever fantastic photographer Matt Clayton

State Side European Christmas

Even though I'm celebrating Christmas in America, it doesn't mean that I'm not being as Euro as possible for the season.

Monday night, I went to the Emabssy of Romania with my roommate and her coworker for a brass quartet Christmas carol concert.  We even got to sing two carols in Romanian!  I was one of a handful of attendees who didn't speak Romanian, and I can't get over just how nice the people at the concert were.  They were all so friendly and welcoming, and made me feel right at home.

A few weeks ago, I went to a Santa Lucia service, hosted in part by the Swedish Embassy.  The one Swedish phrase I know {"I would like a candy"} didn't come up, but the service was absolutely beautiful.  I knew my Swedish Senior Prom date would have been proud of me, as I was able to pronounce {if not understand completely} the words on the page as we sang hymns and carols.
Santa Lucia

Joyeux Noel! 
{Do you see what I did there? I used a Euro language to say Merry Christmas!  Totes impressive, right?}

20 December 2011

Waiting Upon The Lord: Thy Will Be Done

Powerful stuff.  Watch it.  Read it.  Remember it.


You're doing it right.

I used to accidentally monochrome, but lately I sometimes do it on purpose. 

Photoshoot anyone?

19 December 2011

Skype & Cocoa All Of The Time

I feel like lots of my blog posts of late have been screen shots taken while Skyping with people.  Here's one more for your viewing pleasure:
BAEvans chat
So happy that I got to Skype with Beth this weekend {finally}!! She is so funny, and literally one of my favourite people in the whole wide world.  I am a little bit obsessed with her, sorry Jonathan.

I also still like to drink hot chocolate with Ciara.  I was feeling a bit sick during/after church yesterday, but I find that hot cocoa tends to make everything better :)

18 December 2011

Deliciously Tacky

Last night, guys, was both delicious and tacky.  I know, I didn't know that you could do both in the same night, but turns out that it is possible.  We went on a quadruple date, and it was super fun!  We adventured to Baltimore, which apparently is America's Greatest City {but not the world's}.

The Delicious Part:
The Desert Cafe!  64 types of hummus!!  Panda, mango ciurry {not to be confused with curry}, and even candy cane!  While the belly dancers didn't show {lame}, I think the fact that I laughed until my abs hurt made up for it.

The Tacky Part:
34th Street Christmas Lights.  Someone {still can't remember who} told me about them a week or two ago, and I knew I had to see them.  So I was crazy excited when I realised that they were the lights we were going to see!  There was an insane number of lights- so many that I should have brought some sunglasses!  Not only did all of the reindeer move {yes, they did, no lie}, but some of the inflatables were pretty unique...  The spectacle was totally worth {almost} freezing my feet off!!

Basically, I love Christmastime :)

17 December 2011

We Party Across The Country

A few weeks ago, Jen sent around invites for the 2nd Annual Cambridge Christmas Party.  However, Jen and most of the rest of our crew are still in Utah.  Not wanting to be left out, Michele and I decided to throw a party out here in D.C. for the same night and time so we could all be unified in spirit!  We even skyped the parties together for about an hour...it was so great to see so many friends!  Girl Alex took photos, so I'll post them once I get them.  For now, here's a screen shot!PKPParty2

14 December 2011


I wanted to let everyone know that you do not need to worry: even though Jennifer and I no longer live together, we still talk! IloveSkypedates!

JenniferSkype3 NifChat

And we see each other in real life, too! In fact, I am picking her up from the Metro once I finish this post! Yay!

13 December 2011

Little Letters

I love you.  Thanks for making me feel like I'm 6 again, but in like a cool way.  Don't know how you managed to do that, but you did.  Snaps.

A [not so] Secret Glitter Lover

Dear Crab Cakes,

Thanks for being sooo delicious.  I guess I should thank my boss for making them the hors d'oeuvres and an option for the main course for today's Christmas lunch.

Can't Get Enough Seafood Lately

Dear Richard Edgley,

Good talk on faith.  Loved it. 

Thankful That I Have Roommates Who Will Let Me Stream Audio

Dear Self,

Glad the instances of you half-passing out were kept to a minimum today.  Way to be a champ!


11 December 2011

Weekend Update

My whole weekend was pretty awesome.  I was too busy having fun on Saturday to take any pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it that it ruled.  And that I'm basically a human GPS.

Yesterday was fantastic for many reasons:
1- The ward choir Christmas concert. UNREAL! I had chills many times.  The solos and small groups were especially amazing.
2- My cute roommate Alicia made a bomb-diggity dinner, and some of my favourite people came over!  I mean, who doesn't love delicious food and watching videos about groove walking in Africa?
3- Ciara and I ended the weekend by making some delicious hot cocoa and watching Bride & Prejudice!  3 things I love at the same time :)

10 December 2011

The Ninth Before Christmas

Last night was our congregation's Christmas party! Guys, I am so impressed.  The decorations were lovely, the food and drinks were irresistibly delicious, and the company was the tops.  So much fun!
Eve! Fondue Shrimp
Yes, that is shrimp dipped in chocolate fondue...you wouldn't be able to tell by Jaren's face that he was just bragging about all of the insects he's eaten and how this was NBD...

Thanks to my fabulous sister-in-law Carolyn for picking a bridesmaids dress that I really can {and just did} wear again!

09 December 2011

Yandary's Murder Mystery Birthday Party

Last weekend was Yandary's birthday party.  She decided to have a murder mystery, and I was invited to be one of the actresses!  Now, as an east coast girl, I'm not much of a Western fan, but since I got to play an east coast debutante, I was on board!  It was a lot of fun trying to make people think that my character committed the murder, and then being able to guess the real answer correctly myself.
Happy Birthday, Yandary!
yandary's party black cowboy Acting Sarah and Jennifer Acting 2 yandary's party 2

Thanks to Jennifer for taking these photos throughout the night.  And thanks to Michele for letting me borrow her hat!

08 December 2011


I'm happy.  Car-commercial-set-to-good music-with-nighttime-driving happy.  And that's one of the best kinds of happy.

This weekend is going to rule.  Next weekend is going to rule.  I'm betting that the in-between weekend days are going to rule, too.

07 December 2011

What The H

So I went to watch Hulu while making rice.  I typed "H" into the url bar, and hit enter without looking.  Turns out that the first result based off of my history is the Hermitage.  You know you graduated in art history when...

The One Where My Sister Laughs At Me

It only took having my hair up in a high bun yesterday and lots of rain today to get this much volume in my hair.  Can't wait for Paige to comment, "Yeah, that's what my hair looks like when it's flat."  Listen, sistasista, we can't all have your awesome hair.  This is kind of a big deal.  Pun intended.

06 December 2011

Romanian Christmas

Imagine my joy when I woke up this morning and opened my door {still very blurry eyed} to find this waiting for me:

Romania Shoes

How sweet is my roommate Alicia?? She spent 18 months in Romania serving a mission for our church, and left these for us as part of their holiday traditions.  As an extra bonus, I am sooo out of food {again...}, so now I have something to eat today!  Thanks, Alicia!

05 December 2011


3 {non-Christmas songs} I've had on repeat of late.

Loose Ends

There are so many things I've done recently that I haven't had a chance to blog about yet.  Because I'm so busy being adventurous.
Some of the photos I still need to get from my friends, some I still need to upload, but I'm taking advantage of the 20 free minutes that I have to post about whatever I've already uploaded.  Stay tuned for the rest later!

While I was home for Thanksgiving, we went to visit Paige at Front Street Fountain.  She's still the best waitress ever, and Media is still the coolest place ever.  I mean, check out that fly pink car.
FSF is the place for mee Carolynnnn Pimpin

Thursday was the official lighting of the National Christmas Tree.  Apparently you had to get tickets to go, but since I'm such an Ellie Goulding fan {and because Jennifer is such a good friend}, we watched from the sidewalk 150 yards away.  We didn't get there until a few minutes before the finale, but we did get to hear Ellie in the last song a bit! Also, we ate the most delicious Peruvian food after.

I love my life; I'm so blessed to live in such a great city with even greater people.

03 December 2011

Pysanky Eggs

I still have to type that into Google to make sure that I've spelled it right.

Last night, Jaren & I made pysanky eggs!  It was really fun, and it made me think of the fabergĂ©  eggs I saw that one time at the Hermitage.  We had 19 different colours including GOLD!  Don't tell Jaren that I said this, but his were totally better than mine.  But for a noob, mine did turn out pretty well!  I mean, I made one that looked like bricks, people!  It's safe to say that it was totally awesome.  Winner Pysanki Master DYE