09 January 2012

Outdoor Ice Skating!

Friday night, I went ice skating at the rink by the National Gallery of Art and the National Archives with a big group of church friends.  It was so fun!  Now, I am far from being the best ice skater, but there were so many kind people who would just come up to me and hold on to me to make sure I was making it around the rink!  Thank you!

Ice Skating ice skating

And the sweater I'm wearing {mostly hidden by my coat}?  It's my Kate Middleton sweater {more like, it's her Camille sweater, since I had this one first} since they are very nearly identical.

Also, this time was definitely much better than the last time I went skating at an outdoor rink {in Heber/Midway... and I will leave it at that.}


Jennifer said...

&Pippa's copying your social life: she and her friends went ice skating last week. Always knew you were a trendsetter.

Camille said...

You just made my day!