06 February 2012

5 Museums In 1 Day, And Other Adventures

Man alive, Saturday was a day of the most splendid variety.

First off, I met up with my friend Jordan {we've known each other for 13 or 14 years now}, his girlfriend {now fiancee!!!} Fan, and Jordan's cousin Jeff, since they were all in town.  Unfortunately, most of the pictures from our time at the Air & Space Museum and the Hirshhorn are on Jordan's camera, so the exciting ones will have to wait for another time.  Oh! I also got a cool tour of the Castle whilst I was waiting to meet up with them.
Kewl Wall
Flowers of the Future

After spending a few hours with them, I had 10 or 15 minutes before I had to catch a metro for my next trip.  So I went to the Freer and checked out the Peacock Room!!! I was soo excited!!
peacock room
peacock room

My next trip was to Eastern Market with Michele!  I got a fantastic pair of new earrings, yay!  Capitol Hill Books is right next door, so we went there, too.  I think I may have now hit up all the cool and famous bookstores in the area!  There were a bunch of funny signs strewn throughout the store.  Oh, and all art nerds, they had a really big selection of art books for a second hand store!
Capitol Hill Books

My final museum{s} of the day was{were} the American Art Museum/National Gallery of Art for the new Annie Leibovitz exhibit!!!  I first went with Michele, and ran into my beautiful cousin Jessie and her husband Steve.  Michele had to leave after a while, so I spent a few hours exploring by myself {and maybe catching a cat nap or two} until Ciara was able to meet up at the museum{s}.  I didn't mind seeing the exhibit again at all :)
Stained Glass

The night ended the best way possible- by watching a foreign film with Ciara!

Sunday was the tops, too.  Delicious food, I always want you.

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