24 February 2012

9:30 Club

Last night, I went to the 9:30 Club with a bunch of people in the ward to see Galactic and Soul Rebels.  Now, I didn't know who either of these groups were before I went.  I was imagining that it would be something like that alien space guy I saw in Parker's Piece that one time (what with their space-agey names and all):
Parker's Piece aliens

Turns out, they were actually jazz-y/ska-y/funk-y/Bosstones-y.  AKA they were awesome-y!! Really, it was great!  I was sad that I had to leave early, but I had a fantastic time!

Also, if someone could get me into the sold out Ingrid Michaelson show that's coming up this spring, I would love you foreverrrrrrrr.

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