22 February 2012

Cute Pictures

This post is for you, Monica, since you expressily wrote that you were upset I hadn't gotten these pictures while I was home.  I had my mom pick some of her favourites and then send them to me.  So here I am, posting them, and then there is also an additional BONUS cute picture at the very end.  Basically, it's Monica's fault if I look like a crazy person, because honestly, what single person just posts this kind of stuff?
[but really, how great are my parents?]



Dang it, it's not letting me grab the image address, so click [HERE] to see the CUTEST PICTURE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD EVER!!!!

1 comment:

Monica said...

ha! you don't even know how happy these made me...and that last picture of your parents?..priceless. love it!