06 February 2012

On Why This Is The Worst Week For Me To Have Decided To Give Up Sweets

So last week, I ate a lot of desserts, right?  Too busy to grocery shop, I subsisted mostly on the baked goods my roommates would leave out as a communal offering.  Friday night, I began my resolution to not eat any more sweets until the following Friday {10Feb} at my friend's birthday party.


- I really like sweets. 
- I have been having majorly awful cramps.  I just want chocolate to make it betterrrrr.
- I really really like sweets.
- My roommates have been baking more than ever.
- Still love sweets.
- The candy basket {yes, basket, not some sort of petit dish} sits at my desk at work.  Staring at and teasing me all day long.  And we just got a new shipment of candy.  Meaning that we have the good stuff.
- If I could, sweets I would marry.
- Now I can't tell if I'm moody because of the above point, or if I'm suffering withdrawal, or if I have genuine reason to be upset.

Luckily, there are a few things that don't count.  For example, chocolate chip oatmeal, hot chocolate, or chocolate chip granola bars.  
So basically, if you want to hang out with me this week {or for me to even think kindly of you this week}, I suggest you bring any of those three examples to me. 


{Wish me luck!}


Utah Girl Am I said...

Did I mention the party on Friday is vegetarian? Kidding! This may not help, but... I thought of you today as I ate 3 huge chocolate-covered strawberries dipped in mini chocolate-chips! Can you eat those? It's fruit! (ie- healthy! Like unto the "wheat" cookies last week. :D) Shoot, if hot chocolate counts, I don't see why strawberries wouldn't. :)

Camille said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm OK, I loooove chocolate covered strawberries! They were the best part of Zupas! And probably the best part of life! OK, that might a touch dramatic, but I'm deprived! You make a compelling argument...