12 February 2012


I love the days that get me up early and keep me up late.  Which is another way of saying that I loved yesterday!

I woke up before the birds, picked up some pain au chocolat {during which I think I may have gotten my first speeding ticket?}, and then met my parents in the temple parking lot for a very quick breakfast.  My dad was a total rockstar and brought me a valentine!  Yay! Thank you papa!

The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent cleaning the church building and then reading somma my books.  All good and fun, but it really got exciting when Jennifer and I went to see The Vow! So I love chick flicks, whatever, I'm a chick.  It totally ruled.

The night ended at a party that involved pysanky, Sherlock, and food!  It was a quality time, even the parts where I almost CRASHED on the way home because of the weird snow/ice.  At least my feet were warm, thanks to the socks that I was gifted! {my current books are included in the last picture!}

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