10 February 2012

Sign & Seal It

Once upon a time, my lovely friend Jourdan {you know, the one who is now in Paris...audible sigh} came to visit me in Philadelphia.  During our week-long adventures, she told me about her German {or was it Austrian?} friend Philipp, and how members of his family each had seal rings with their family crest on it.  As in, the kind of ring you use with wax-seal letters.  As in, he had stationary and wax to seal such letters.  I immediately said that that was basically the coolest thing ever, and asked if she could have him write me a letter just so that I could say I got a family-crest-wax-sealed letter.

FAST FORWARD TO YESTERDAY {6 months later}, and what did I receive in the mail but said letter!  It was the most cordial little note ever, but still so cool!  Thank you, Philipp!  One of these days I'll get some stationary worthy of a response letter and write him back.


smile like you mean it said...

Haha, oh Philipp. Did you know that Sam met him after we did? And I remember Jourdan talking about this! toooo cool.

Camille said...

Paige, funny story: first line in the letter was "So we've never met"