11 March 2012


I know that 2 posts ago I said that the next post was a big one, but I lied/miscounted {it has been 6 years since I've taken a math class...thankyeww French for somehow counting as my math credit!}.  It's actually this post!  
I made a VIDEO!! It's just under 5 minutes, and who knows how much sense it makes, but hey, I figured out how to make it, so that's gotta count for something, right? Right. Totes.
Also, please note that I made this before I'd eaten lunch.  If you know me, youknowwhatImean.


smile like you mean it said...


annie said...

Happy 1000th post-- holy cow, that's amazing! And I love that you vlogged! You are so gorgeous, Camille, and you pull off lipstick like no one else's business!