30 March 2012

Miracle Bread

So, maybe I eat a lot of bread.  I can't help it, it's one of my favourites {maybe it's also partly the francophile in me}.  I don't get to make it as often as I'd like because my schedule is usually pretty full, but when I found a recipe for "Miracle Bread" that only took an hour to make from start to finish, I knew that I had to try it. 
Last night, Jennifer and I put it to the test, and guess what--it really is a miracle!  It is that fast and that easy and that delicious!  Emphasis on the fast!  We didn't start until a little after 8:30, and I was home a bit past 10:00, which meant I got enough sleep to go to a 5:45 spin class this morning {it's everything you ever heard it would be}.  Delicious bread and exercise all before the sun rose again?  I'd call it a success!

Recipe can be found [here].  Image belongs to Recipes Chez Moi...since we were in a rush, there was no time for photos.

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Utah Girl Am I said...

I'm SO gonna use this recipe now! I meant to make bread this whole week, but since all the recipes take a million hours plus ten years to bake, I just didn't have time. And since that whole Election thing is coming up on Tuesday, I gave up and just bought a loaf today. But next week... is Miracle Bread week! :D