27 April 2012

Flashback Friday

Hi y'all! So I was inspired by many things yesterday:
The fact that all I did was laundry last night {well, and make a delicious dinner, listen to some sweet guitar playing, and chat with some friends}
All of my cool plans are tomorrow, so I don't have much new to post about today

Roll those all up and what do you get? The very first Flashback Friday!

Let's kick it off with an awkward photo from an '80s dance thrown for the youth at church, c.2005ish.  I'll have you know that the major winners of the night are all clustered on the viewer's left side:  Annabelle won Best '80s Girl, I won Most Colourful '80s Girl, and Anthony won Best '80s Guy.  What can I say? I only hang with the best...and Sam and Paige, but only because they're my siblings ;)
80s Dance
Sometimes I like to show this picture to people without telling them that it was for a themed dance...if they start to ask, then I say something that implies that this was just any normal morning- "I know, how convenient that my mom was able to capture us on our way out the door for school!"

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