24 April 2012

How To Celebrate At Front Street Fountain

Front Street Fountain is the cute restaurant where my sister works!

1. Really get to know the mascots, Patty & Frank.  They are just as excited as my mom is about her 50th birthday!

2. Be properly attired with a mustache as you eat your delicious food, served by the greatest waitress!

3. Take notes as your mama shows you the proper way to vogue at the carnival games.
Mama and me

4. Reassure your friends that getting glitter tattoos that say HOTTIE is the best decision to date.  Like, ever.

5. Get your dad to validate your decisions.
Hottie and Papa

6. Use your newly acquired hottie powers to fight Spiderman.

7. Cheer Papa D on through the ice cream sundae competition.  Be sure to trash talk his competition, as they're surely intimidated by your stature.
10 scooper


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

I can tell right now that you are a blast :) loving your blog!

Camille said...

Thanks Alycia!

smile like you mean it said...

Hahah! John (spiderman) came into work today and I was like "Oh, no! Spiderman is in town!". His face was priceless. Go "Hottie" powers!

A "cheery" disposition said...

haha I love your blog. You have great style too!

Camille said...

And Paige, you are so lucky!