30 April 2012

How To Do Brunch In The Brunch Capitol Of The Country

Brunch is no joke in D.C.

1. After a morning of yoga, get Jennifer to do your hair all awesome-like based off of "you know, that picture I showed you that one time?"

2. Take a picture to prove that you were together.
Jennifer et moi

3. Get to Founding Farmers and casually flirt with the host and get seated in the best seat in the house. Alicia, Jules, Me

4. Drink a cranberry cucumber cooler! Drink

5. ORDER DELICIOUS CRABCAKES!! Be sure that you get the sweet potato side, as it comes drizzled in brown sugar and pecans and delicious flavour. Food

6. Take a picture outside of the restaurant. For best results, ask the only person in the whole wide world who has never seen a digital camera. Ask them to cut off the restaurant's sign, because that's what you wanted anyway.
 Founding Farmers


smile like you mean it said...

wanna ask jennifer to do my hair for prom? haha

Jennifer said...

when is prom? :D