17 April 2012

Tell Me I'm A Bird

On Saturday, the weather was insanely beautiful!  Ben, Ciara, & I went over to Fletcher's Cove for a picnic and some boating on the Potomac.  Seriously, all it needed were a bunch of swans, and it would've been like The Notebook.  It was so calm, and the SUN was shining {I even got a little bit of a colour on my arms!}, and just so good!  I even took a turn at rowing- I found out just how weak I really am AKA I'm really good at rowing with one oar at a time, but the energy it requires to use both oars at the same time is not something that I have haha.  Simply fantastico!
I also learned that fishers are grumpy.



HuckFinnin' ItGlasses
PS- Ciara always finds glasses when she's hiking!


Hubba said...

love it! looks like so much fun

Liz said...

Oh man, I knew that title immediately and I loved it!
I'm also putting this on my list of things to do. Thank you!