19 April 2012

There Are A Lot Of Good Things About This Post

BETH&JONATHAN!! I got to see BETH&JONATHAN!!! I haven't seen them since they got married {shortly after that time I set up their engagement}- I thought that I loved them then, but I love them even more now, and not just because THEY ARE MOVING TO DC!!!
But seriously, Beth&Jonathan are such examples to me.  They are kind, witty, wise, hysterical, thoughtful, hardworking, and well-dressed.  Basically, I want to be them.  In the meantime, we will all have to be satisfied with the following moderate-quality pictures from our Tuesday trip to Good Stuff with our other PKP friends.

Fer Cute
PKP Capitol Crew
Capitol Lovers


Michele said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm really sad that I had to work late that night.

Camille said...

It was, but we missed you sorely!

Stefi said...

this is so weird... I'm going to Good Stuff with Beth and Jonathan in 2 hours....small world!