10 April 2012

Yandary, Ciara, & Camille Take Philadelphia!

I love being a tourist/tour guide in my own city! {Even if SEPTA still stresses me out after 12 years... I mean, it's just about a million times more complicated than the DC Metro}.

We went to LOVE Park and that one right next to it with the giant game pieces and statues LOVE
Ride 'em
Back Bend
{This song anyone?}
Ben Frank

This was the best- Yandary saw the giant paintbrush outside of PAFA and noted that it looked like the ELF foot! That girl's got some serious kicks!
Elf Brush

As you may have guessed from all of the cool random statues around town, Philadelphia has a great art scene {woot!} We stopped by the Rodin Museum, only to find out that it's closed for renovations until late Spring, but that the garden is still open. Good thing our version of The Thinker is outdoors, too, so I could snap a shot to match this one. And of course we did the whole Rocky steps thing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Rodin Roomies

We also really like car parks...JKLOL This is the future site of the Philadelphia Temple! Woot! 12(+) years, baby!
Temple Site
City of Philadelphia
We also got cheesesteaks {Pat's won, of course} and went to Reading Terminal Market, but I don't have photos of those.

Such a fun time with some classy ladies!


his little Lady said...

okay, all of these pictures are absolutely hilarious and just look like so much fun! i love acting like a tourist in my own town, just taking the typical shots are the biggest attractions. just perfect :)
xo TJ

Gaby said...

you look like a pretty awesome tour guide, i have to say! looks like an awesome time was had by all :)

Utah Girl Am I said...

Oh, gosh. I clearly am not meant to be photographed in "jumping shots." What makes me MOST sad about all of this is that... *sniff* since my cell got stolen at Target yesterday.... ALL MY PHOTOS FROM THE TRIP ARE GONNNNEEE!!! GONE!!! :'( The glow sticks, the cheesesteaks, the Whole Foods, the s'mores, the... (wow, I photographed a lot of food, it seems) braided hairs!! *sob, sniff...* That, and I'm phone-less. :( I don't know which is worse... I'm glad some of the pictures are on your camera, at least.

Camille said...

Thanks, gals! It was definitely a super fun trip. :)
And YANDARY!! Oh my gosh! I am so sad for you and your phone!! If it will make you feel better, you can come over tonight and I'll do that braid again ;) But seriously chica, let me know how I can help!

AGK said...

Are you riding that moose?! WOAH lady! :)