30 May 2012

Ducklandia, Or How To Do Memorial Weekend In OBX

Jeepjeep advens.  Beach. 4-toed foot sand sculptures.  Food shopping for 14 people with no car space.  Sunset walk to the pier.  Crabs & stingrays.  Being lost on the beach, unable to remember the street you're staying on.  Making dinner in a bathing suit.
JeepJeep Crew
One of these things is not like the other. Because the other is missing a toe.

Beach. Books. Burns. Big hats. BBQ. Corolla crew. Late night drives. Souvenir shops open until 11pm (see also: butterfly nets).  Cutting up my toe (it still hurts; should I be worried?)
Sand art
Rockstar Sarah
Ladies who read
Men who read

Making Jennifer use her words. Church at the middle school.  Sick.  Coordinated BBQ (I swear it makes the food taste even better). Borrowing matches from pirate neighbors.  Hammock sleep. Solitary beach time at night.  Live jams to this song/this song.
Coordinated cooks
Sunday Serenade

Sunrise on the beach. A little rain.  Bike rides.  Lounging. Even more porch chatter.  Otter pop wars.  Cleaning to the "Valentine's song". The dubbing of this as the Duck Weekend song.  The drive back.
Duck Beach Sunrise 3
Camnif sunrise
Otter Pop Duels
Air hug goodbye

All weekend:
No makeup. No real clothes. No shoes. No orange otter pops.


Lisa said...

What a blast! I'd love to see a beach sunrise, I've only ever seen the sunset!!!


Stephanie said...

can we go back! i miss it already

Beth said...

This looks like a classy gathering of scholars. WHERE ARE MY DUCK BEACH PICTURES?? WHERE are my bros playing shirtless... ANYTHING??

Camille said...

Girl, those are stashed on my computer. ONE MORE REASON FOR YOU TO MOVE OUT HERE NOW!

Jenny said...

Your Memorial Day weekend looks like it was awesome!! Especially the otter pops :)

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