25 June 2012

Berry Picking!

I went home this weekend for my sister's graduation party.
Some of my friends came along, too.
Saturday morning, we went berry picking!
It was such a delicious morning.
And maybe the Sun wiped us all out for the rest of the day.

I'm still not done uploading
Just pickin some berries on a Saturday morn. Told you I was Street.
Picking berries and blue nails. I CAN'T HELP HOW COOL I AM!
Now Zach is on instagram. He said he was too macho to be, but that basket of berries says otherwise.

I met this cute 9-year-old girl whilst picking who was clearly embarrassed by her little sister: "She looks like a tourist in that dress!"

We also stopped for lunch at Ariano in Media, where Savanna loved the Italian music that was playing and Shazam'd pretty much every song throughout the whole meal.

And we took photos with the Peace Wall.

And then we partied.  [post forthcoming]

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