21 June 2012

Good Things

It's been a long week for a lot of reasons, but instead of talking about all of that, let's focus on some Good Things (and not just the fact that DC Metro has generously allowed us water on the trains yesterday and today)!

1. Running into friends in Chinatown and on the Metro.  #local.  That will never stop being a good thing :)

2. Raspberries are a decent price again!
Trendy Breakfast

3. Saladsaladsalad.  It's what I want all of the minutes.
Trendy dinner

4. Being so fly with blue nails! My roommate Eve has a smurf hat which she may or may not have made me wear and then hold my hands up to my face.  Unfortunately there isn't any photographic evidence, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  I mean, who would lie about that anyway.
Hip new bracelet. Trendy blue nails.  Bright pink skirt. I kill myself with how kewl I am.

5. It's almost da weekend!

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