16 June 2012

How To Do Jazz In The Garden

The NGA hosts Jazz In The Garden every Friday during the summer!  The garden is cram-packed with 20-something DC-ites enjoying music and art {and in some cases, a few drinks; in our case, hummus}, and it's a great experience!

1.  Grab a small square of grass and a lot of friends
Somma da crew
Rocking it

2.  Make the art look bad with how fly you look.
Maggie is art

3. Really like Pellegrino.  Look like you want to cuddle it.
Stephanie laughing at how funnnyyyy I am

4. Wear stripes and pink!

5. Be sure that all guns are put away in a safe location.
Put those guns away!

6. Be talking in all the pictures.  After all, you are like so totally popular, you can't not talk, and you can't not have your photo taken.  Right?  Right?

7. Don't have an iPhone, but order your friends to Instagram your life. Please&thankyou, Miss Jordan!
Instagram my life please

1 comment:

Melanie said...

It was lovely. But next time we'll have to bring a blanket in order to claim more space!