18 June 2012

How To Have A Goodbye Party For Geoff

One of my dear Cambridge friends was out here in D.C. for a few months student teaching {and then bookshopkeeping}.  He left on Sunday to drive/move back to Utah, so we had a goodbye picnic at the park for him!  Geoff's like another brother to me, so I'm so excited for all of the adventures that will come his way!

And yes, he now has a beard.  And no, no one gave him a razor and made him shave it off.

Geoff farewell
Stephanie and Jackie
Geoff, Jennifer, and me
Nutella Oreos
Geoff and me
Geoff's beard
Geoff farewell 2

first and last photos are courtesy of yandary


smile like you mean it said...

How sad. I love Geoff. :(

Katherine said...

Because when is taking Geoff's shirt off ever going to get old?

Yeah I'm stalking you. Whatofit.