12 June 2012

How To Visit The American History Museum

1. Have a friend named Cody come to visit; it's the perfect excuse to visit one of the very few museums you haven't been to yet: the American History Museum!
Cody et moi

2. Don't take a single photo, except for the one with DUMBO, because you know that your parents will get it and laughlaughlaugh about 3-year-old Camille.

3. Try to come to terms with the fact that #touristseason has begun in #DC.  Try to not be reeeaaaallllyyy frustrated that a) you have to stand in line for a musuem? (why the face? Phil Dunphy anyone?) and b) leisurely strolls in museums are essentially gone for the rest of the summer.

4.  Be sure that a Girl Scout Invasion (Ok, "Convention," but really, after about attendee 10,000,000, it's essentially the same thing) is going on that day.  Hope that the European tourists don't judge our whole entire nation by what they're wearing.

5.  Eat at Paul (because you both speak French...ok, one is much better than the other), and watch as your hanger disappears!

6.  Walk around and have crazy people try to be your friend.  Love it.

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