30 July 2012


Not even going to apologize for the fact that all of my post titles have been in all capitals, because I AM SO EXCITED!! And I don't have TV {read: poor recent college grad}, so I haven't been able to watch as much as I would like, which kind of actually  really stresses me out.  As I was driving back from my friends' place in Columbia, I couldn't stop thinking about what I was missing.

On Friday, we had an Opening Ceremonies party, complete with a torch that lit up, food from around the world, and fancy nails!!


So ready for the #OpeningCeremonies! Forget I'm on a boat, it's all about #Ivegotatorch
Kyle is so fast that the whole picture ended up blurry. #basicallyanolympian
@__nif__ rockin the #olympictorch !
Brynn had the most international nails for the #openingceremonies !!

And these are the blackberries I ate today.

It snowed on my blackberries! Thank you Evans Family for feeding this Olympian

29 July 2012


I'm all team USA, but in this case, I can find a way to cheer for CAMILLE MUFFAT! GOLD, BABY, GOLD!!

27 July 2012



24 July 2012


Blew my mind.  Can't wait to see it again this weekend.  I definitely need to rewatch the first one in the interim.


23 July 2012

That Time I Went To NYC For A Few Hours

Love 'em and leave 'em baby, love 'em and leave 'em.  I took a quick trip to NYC on Saturday, inspired by a desire to break out of the neo-classical architecture that is D.C. and to see a museum, get some delicious food, and go to some parks.

Grand Central, always a pleasure.  I love your beautiful ceiiiilings.
Grand Central

Guggenheim, I really like your spiral staircase.  Also, thank you for allowing me to feel so cool (despite rocking headgear a headset) because I had already seen some of the photographs on display at the Tate Modern.
El Guggenheim Museum
Outside the Guggenheim! More to come
Inside the Guggenheim. Love.

Laduree, I'm so glad that your only U.S. location is so conveniently located to museum mile, and that I could be so happy and eat so many delicious macarons.  So so happy.
At Laduree. In America. I love my life.

Central Park.  Best park in America.  I've loved you for always.  Perfect place to eat macarons, people watch, and feel like a Waldorf/Van der Woodsen.  Le perfect.
Central Park
In that centrally located park.
Central Park
French macarons. British flag. Beautiful American park. Couldn't be happier.
Laduree in Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Glad to see that NY has these funny Get Adopted by a Squirrel ads, too

Pret, you make me so happy.  It makes me even happier that you have so many more locations in NYC than in DC.  Eating at Pret makes me think of England.  Which is why I ate there for both lunch and dinner.

Bryant Park, a great place to eat Pret and watch a wannabe mime play bocce ball.  Perfect.
Bryant Park Mime

NYC, I'm glad we're friends.

19 July 2012

Art History Dinner

One of my former Art History* professors, the greatly adored, vastly intelligent, and fabulously well-dressed Heather Jensen, was in town for a brief visit earlier this week.  Maggie organised a dinner for all of the AHC** alumnae at Vapiano, and I cannot even begin to tell you just how great it was.

-I loved spending an evening surrounded by people who love art and museums just as much as I do {as opposed to being on those dates where you have to defend your major and the arts, amIright?}
-It was a great chance to get updated on the department at BYU {where, oh where, were you, Art History with an emphasis in Business when I was there???? Anyway I can take those extra classes independent study as a student who has already graduated and then still get credit for it?}
-As someone who has been in the middle of the "What/When/Where/How do I do grad school" stage for what feels like forever, I had the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions of fellow alumnae for their advice.  Thanks, Maggie and Lindsey, for allowing me to grill you and feel like a kid on Christmas as I got some answers {but still so many questions!!}
-I left the whole evening feeling rejuvenated and inspired, which is exactly what this lady has been needing.  


Photo credits belong to Heather Jensen, and to that cute boy in the gray shirt having dinner with his dad who took the photo of us in front of the red hats.

*Or, as I like to call it (in order to be really snooty), "History of Art".  In a British accent of course.
**There's a Catholic school in the D.C. area called "Academy of the Holy Cross".  Whenever I see their AHC bumper stickers, I automatically think of signing up for classes at midnight.

I would apologise that these footnotes aren't in Turabian, but let's give me some credit for even using footnotes on a personal blog.

18 July 2012

Screen On The Green

Monday night marked the first Screen on the Green of the summer!

#hboscreenonthegreen one more reason to love D.C.

The inaugural film was Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
This happens to be the movie that our bishop and his wife went to on their first date.
This activity also happens to be one where a recently married couple from church met last summer.
Needless to say, I think many were feeling the pressure to find love.
I did.
In the form of rocket pops! I love those things. Mmmmm.

I won't even tell you how many rocket pops I ate at #hboscreenonthegreen

I also saw the President's motorcade afterwords. #NBD

16 July 2012

Merry Wives of Windsor

Last week, I went to see my friend Matthew in the STC performance of Merry Wives of Windsor.
It was so great!
I laughed a lot, the acting was phenom, and the costumes were super!
Merry Wives of Windsor #latergram

amiright, Jourdan?

Also, be sure to read Yandary's post on the play.  You'll love it.

15 July 2012

Bastille Day

The anniversary of the day that my parents met.

A perfect excuse to eat at French cafes and eat bon bons and shop.
Celebrating #bastilleday at Le Pain Quotidien with @jordanlangdon
Happy #BastilleDay from @jordanlangdon et moi!
#bastilleday shopping successes with @jordanlangdon
Street art in Bethesda

Maybe also a perfectly socially acceptable reason to take a stalker shot of the French couple sitting next to you.  You know, because they're French and it's a French holiday?  Right.
This French couple I took a stalker shot of wishes you happy #bastilleday

12 July 2012

I'm So Popular, Everyone Wants To Visit Me

Last week, I had 3 different people visit me.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I live in the nation's Capital; it has everything to do with the fact that I'm so hip, and people can't get enough of me.

My super awesome brother and sister-in-law, Parker and Carolyn, came to visit!  I didn't get any pictures because Carolyn took some sweet ones you can check out here. Those two are rockstars.
[See, told you they were awesome]

Kayla, my former neighbor/roommate and the other half of Camayla (yes, we were those people who gave themselves a celebrity moniker. Hey, we were 19.) came to visit from Tejas.  I told her that No Way, Jose were we visiting monuments before 10pm because of the heat, so until then we shopped/walked/ate our way through Georgetown.
Thank you Lush for literally allowing me to bathe myself in gold
I have the best bike in the world !
Kayla took a turn on my bike
Mmmm nutella on my cupcake at @bakesandwired!

We also went to Air and Space Museum...I told her that I want to be able to impress other people with all of the knowledge I possess about physics and science when I take them there, so she taught me all sorts of stuff.  I mean, I already knew all of that?  It's ok, we went to the National Gallery after that and I was much more in my element.  There and when we ate some French pastriessss.  Mmmm.
Chillin wit my boo

Come visit me, so I can impress you with all of the things I know.

11 July 2012

Wolf Gang

Tweeted me!! And they are following me!! 
It's stupid how excited I am.

Wolf Gang Tweet

More updates on all my friends who came to visit last week once I have time.

10 July 2012


So I'm currently:
Running on too little sleep (and relying on too many sweets to restore energy)
Nursing a sore throat and voice
A little hard of hearing
Wishing I still had a glowing wristband

or in otherwords, I'm currently:

Seriously, Coldplay, sings to  my sooooulll! The lyrics, the energy, the style all screams "CAMILLE!"  
I met a couple while waiting for the metro back who it was their 16th time seeing Coldplay!!
New life goal: beat them.

Enjoy some iPod pictures
@coldplay concert was AMAZING!!! As always! #coldplaywashington
Number one @coldplay fans! #coldplaywashington
Can't get enough of @coldplay. Rocked my world #coldplaywashington
Look ma, I'm glowing! #coldplaywashington

Also, Wolf Gang opened for them.  I totes have an Audio/Visual crush on them.  As in they both sound and look amazing.

And Robyn, you need new moves.  And a new stylist. [sorry Beth]