05 July 2012

4 July In The Nation's Capital

The one bad thing about the 4th of July this year is that it was on a Wednesday.  Man I am tired this morning.
Everything else was fantastique!


Attended a pancake breakfast for a few minutes.

Went to the grocery store with Jordan.  We meant to make guacamole after, but instead reveled in the air conditioning at my house.  (Don't worry, I made it this morning for lunch today)
From Jordan
Golden beets at Whole Foods with @jordanlangdon

Took a nap.  No photos, that would be creepy.

Went to a ward BBQ! The food was delicious, the company was great, and there were mini ice cream cones!  I ate it too fast to get a picture, so you'll just have to enjoy a photo of shoe twinning.
Curlies are girlie. #siblings @magsrose

Signed a Christmas card for the Troops!
Signing a Christmas card for the troops on our way to fireworks. @__nif__ and stephanie

Watched fireworks from the steps of the Jefferson, with the Washington in my line of vision.  #awesome #ilovedc
Totally normal faces during a heat wave. Waiting for fireworks to start with @rays318
On the steps of the #Jefferson waiting for fireworks!  @__nif__  @rays318
Fireworks from the steps of the #jefferson. Life is so good.

*props to Jordan for the picture of me at Whole Foods

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