19 July 2012

Art History Dinner

One of my former Art History* professors, the greatly adored, vastly intelligent, and fabulously well-dressed Heather Jensen, was in town for a brief visit earlier this week.  Maggie organised a dinner for all of the AHC** alumnae at Vapiano, and I cannot even begin to tell you just how great it was.

-I loved spending an evening surrounded by people who love art and museums just as much as I do {as opposed to being on those dates where you have to defend your major and the arts, amIright?}
-It was a great chance to get updated on the department at BYU {where, oh where, were you, Art History with an emphasis in Business when I was there???? Anyway I can take those extra classes independent study as a student who has already graduated and then still get credit for it?}
-As someone who has been in the middle of the "What/When/Where/How do I do grad school" stage for what feels like forever, I had the opportunity to ask all sorts of questions of fellow alumnae for their advice.  Thanks, Maggie and Lindsey, for allowing me to grill you and feel like a kid on Christmas as I got some answers {but still so many questions!!}
-I left the whole evening feeling rejuvenated and inspired, which is exactly what this lady has been needing.  


Photo credits belong to Heather Jensen, and to that cute boy in the gray shirt having dinner with his dad who took the photo of us in front of the red hats.

*Or, as I like to call it (in order to be really snooty), "History of Art".  In a British accent of course.
**There's a Catholic school in the D.C. area called "Academy of the Holy Cross".  Whenever I see their AHC bumper stickers, I automatically think of signing up for classes at midnight.

I would apologise that these footnotes aren't in Turabian, but let's give me some credit for even using footnotes on a personal blog.

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Rachel said...

totes jeal. nothing classes up an evening than spending it with heather.