10 July 2012


So I'm currently:
Running on too little sleep (and relying on too many sweets to restore energy)
Nursing a sore throat and voice
A little hard of hearing
Wishing I still had a glowing wristband

or in otherwords, I'm currently:

Seriously, Coldplay, sings to  my sooooulll! The lyrics, the energy, the style all screams "CAMILLE!"  
I met a couple while waiting for the metro back who it was their 16th time seeing Coldplay!!
New life goal: beat them.

Enjoy some iPod pictures
@coldplay concert was AMAZING!!! As always! #coldplaywashington
Number one @coldplay fans! #coldplaywashington
Can't get enough of @coldplay. Rocked my world #coldplaywashington
Look ma, I'm glowing! #coldplaywashington

Also, Wolf Gang opened for them.  I totes have an Audio/Visual crush on them.  As in they both sound and look amazing.

And Robyn, you need new moves.  And a new stylist. [sorry Beth]


smile like you mean it said...

I'm in love with Coldplay. I'm in love with Wolf Gang. I'm not so in love with Robyn. And LET'S beat those people. Oh, and I'm in love with you too.

Camille said...

Agreed on everything!!

Monica said...

omg!! I want to go to their concert so bad!