13 August 2012

It Didn't Rain On Friday, So It's A Good Thing I Wore My Wellies & Rain Jacket All Day

This one time, Annabelle and her (now our) friend Geneva came to visit.  And I took one picture on my phone.  And Annabelle and Geneva took all of the other pictures and they (the pictures, not the girls. JK!) are really cute and funny and I am using this to publicly shame them into posting them online so I can use them here.

We're not at a ball, otherwise I'd say that you're the belle of it @ellebannaq

That's the one picture I got.  Link to another one here.  The rest will be posted of our awesome monument tour once those ever so fine ladies post them.

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Jourdan said...

I have a friend whose name is Annabelle and she lives in Geneva.