15 August 2012

My Kind Of Night

I had a dream last night that I was swimming at the Olympics.

You read that right.

Somehow, through some connections that my mom had, I was able to compete in a friendly swimming competition against my sister.  The pool was only one lane and my goggles were basically impossible to see through, so I swam without them.  Also, there wasn't much of an audience, and I think at the beginning I was dressed in my work clothes.  

I guess the pool could more accurately be described as L shaped.  The top part of the L is the one lane where we swam, and the bottom part of the L is the area where we waded around until the race started.  Michael Phelps was chilling there with us, because we are obviously best friends and he wanted to cheer me on.  Notice how I said that he wanted to cheer me on and not my sister.  That's because he had a secret crush on me.

Right before the swimming started, a third female showed up to swim because she wanted to make the competition all real like that.  I don't remember who that was now that I'm conscious.  All that's important is that I won the 100 meter race, despite the fact that I didn't have goggles and that I'm not actually that great of a swimmer.  Don't get me wrong, I can swim, I'm not Fezzik, but I'm also not Camille Muffat.  But in my dream, I won. And Michael Phelps was so excited for me.  In the pool.  In swimming attire.

Needless to say, I hit the snooze button this morning.


Jourdan said...

Your dreams are so much better than mine. The most exciting one I have had lately includes goats and an awkward almost-make-out with the Elder's Quorum president in my ward.

Camille said...

So the goats were about to make out with the EQP? ;)

Anna Peterson said...

haha! Love this. And you were like, BAM.