27 August 2012

Surprise Anniversary Party!

No, not mine (wouldn't that be fer cute?), although it did get you to click here! Or least those of you who found this on the sidebar of a mutual friend's blog, and not those who saw it on their blogger feed and can thus read the first little bit of every post.

While I was in St. George, Utah last weekend gearing up for the cross-country roadtrip, my friend Jourdan threw a surprise anniversary party for her parents!! 30 years and kids who will do such a thing? They've obviously done something right!

The afternoon was a delightful chaos of baking, cleaning, decorating, and lying, and I loved every minute of it!

The party was a blast; wish you could've been there!

H Fam

Side note (mostly for my Cambridge Friends): Jourdan's brother looks like he could be the son of my friends Jeff and Boy Alex.  AmIright? Kind of eerie, mostly awesome.

And this is what happens when siblings (ie: Sam and me) are working together on making party prep lists:


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Jourdan said...

Ugh, looking at these makes me so sad that no one went outside! It's beautiful!