17 September 2012

Caige Takes D.C.: Museums

Saturday morning, Paige and I slept in (I didn't get up until 6:57! Woo!), and hit up some museums and stuff.

The Mall
Mall Lil P 2
Mall lil p
black&white always makes me think of Justin Hackworth

We were the first ones in at the National Gallery, we danced our way to the Archives, we ate a simultaneously delicious and disastrous lunch, and went to the NPG.
But we have pictures from the Sculpture Garden.
My posse
Let's pretend this is France k?
What a beaut

And it was so fun!! Loved getting laughed at for my dancing, and noticed for my laughing with Paige.


Jourdan said...

Is that metro sign in DC??

Camille said...

Yep! In the Sculpture Garden!

Utah Girl Am I said...

Camille, these photos are awesome! Do you have a new camera, or are these just extra insanely good?? These make me want to use an ACTUAL camera, instead of just my iPhone all the time. Heh...

Camille said...

Thanks, Yandary! I was using a better camera than the one I normally have. I desperately need an upgrade!!