25 September 2012


I was stalking myself on Facebook (is it stalking or narcissism?), and found some delightful pictures from the summer that I somehow failed to post here.  Let's all enjoy them now, while the warmth of the summer months is still a recent memory.

Photobooth pictures taken by Facebooth Philly for Paige's grad party:
Facebooth Philly- Michele 2
Facebooth Philly- Hagrid
Facebooth Philly- Michele 3
Facebooth Philly- Fam
Facebooth Philly- Michele

Evans Trip
(thanks, Rach!)

Visiting the Visitor's Center.  Just what that place wants to hear.
Temple Hotties
(thanks, James's instagram!)

This picture of the drive to Montpelier was surprisingly popular on the 'Book.  What can I say, Jason just drives me crazy!
(thanks, Jason's iPad!)

4th of July 2
4th of July
4th of July 3
(thanks Janan for the first two, and Jordan for the last one!)

Compost Pile
(Thanks, Steph's iPhone!)

And finally, may I present the Leaning Tower of Washington.
Leaning tower of Washington
(Thanks, ABelle!)

Now if only cleaning my room were as easy as blogging forgotten photos.  Can someone pleeeeeeease come hang up my clothes for me and make my bed and dust my room?  I will pay you.  With hugs.  

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