26 October 2012


My week has been jam packed.  I've been home before 10pm just one night this week, and I used that night to make pumpkin cupcakes from scratch.  Be impressed, and forget the fact that I started making them two or three weeks ago (just the dry ingredients!).

Yandary's orthodontist is approximately half a block away from my office, so this week we met up and had a  picnic lunch at Rock Creek Park!  I know I told her I was excited for a picnic because I am PB&J's biggest fan and then only ate apples (an apple that I picked and then applesauce I made myself!), but I still stand by that statement.  I love PB&J!! (Picture below is hers :) )
Lunch with Yandary via Yandary

I went to a super rad hipster concert last night with Beth.  Her friend Spencer (who used to perform with Fictionist before he married his unfairly awesome wife) put on a concert, and I loved it so much that I died.  How do I find these people in my ward boundaries???  Anyway, the name of Spencer and Libbie's band is Mideau, and they are working on getting up on the internet, so I'll link when that happens because they are the best.
concert 3
concert 2

Beth and I drove by this house near her ward building that has all sorts of decorations up for Halloween.  I was excited to see purple lights on display, because it proved me right to the Boys Next Door that purple is indeed a Halloween colour.  

AND THE BEST THING HAPPENED YESTERDAY!! Summed up, I helped two Muslim women figure out if there was anything they could eat at a restaurant because they follow Halal (are Halal? do Halal? eat Halal? What is the correct verb here, people?)....entirely in FRENCH!! I took 10 years of French, but it's been a few years, and I never was comfortable speaking with native speakers (oh the judgement!! haha).  And this whole experience was totally unrehearsed and awesome and I felt so EMPOWERED!!! And then the restaurant people gave me 50% off for helping!  And then I called my dad and gushed about how ALIVE I felt!!

This weekend is going to rule! Paigey will be back in D.C.!!! Let's hope no more bones break...

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