12 October 2012

Happy Weekend!

I'm so excited for this weekend!!!  A lot of work has gone into preparing it, and I've been having dreams about it for weeks.  I'm more than a little worn out, woke up sick during the night, exhausted mentally/emotionally/physically, about 5 pounds lighter*, and have had just a few almost breakdowns in this the final week.  I'm hoping I can get to a point where I'm feeling like my normal self before the event starts!  That's what caffeine is for, right? :)

I can't wait to share photos and reveal after-the-fact all the fun that was had!

In the meantime, here are two happy things about my morning:
purse, tea

A new purse (that I got for a steal!!!) and herbal tea!! I actually had peach tea, but I could only find a pomegranate bag after the fact for the photo.  You know, for my biographers who are reading this in the future.

What fun things do you have planned this weekend??

*Not sure of the exact number since I haven't weighed myself in 6.5 years, so yes, 5 is an arbitrary. albeit intelligent,  guess.  But don't worry (Jourdan, parents ;) ), I'm fine!

1 comment:

Jourdan said...

Girl, this worries me. You do not have five pounds to lose! I hope for your sake that was an exaggeration?

Have a great time!