23 October 2012

Hometown Halloween

Media this weekend was just so super! Really!

We survived the rain on Friday's drive... the commute took an extra hour, but we arrived alive, so I'd say we won.

My friend Chase has a lot of great photos, but since I have yet to steal  get them from him, those ones will have to wait (which just means there will be another post!)

Saturday was perfectly perfectly perfect and autumnal!!

We picked pumpkins at Linvilla's Pumpkinland (DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE BLUE PUMPKINS???!!!)
nursery rhyme
top hat
blue pumpkin photobomb
siamese pumpkin

We did a little exploring in the garden section AKA turned into witches :)  Still can't believe I didn't buy a venus fly trap when I had the chance!
moss shake
c witch
paige witch
gourd witch

We became regular ol' Johnny Appleseeds!  Has anyone else ever heard of Mutsu apples? I kept saying, "Where are the Matisyahu apples?"  And bee-tea-dubs, we made some killer apple crisp and apple sauce (!!!) after :)
paige picks appleschase picks apples
heather and apples
Apple Picking boys

A picnic and a stroll and photobombing family photos at Ridley Creek State Park are the best way to spend lunch. Or breakfast or dinner or brunch or linner or dessert or elevensies or second breakfast or midnight snack.
Steph RCSP
frog 2

There was also a trip to ARASAPHA for a HAUNTED MAZE (I got axed in the face, no joke) and a HAUNTED HAYRIDE!!  Those pictures will be up once I have them!!

Such a lovely weekend!

/thanks to Stephanie for the last 3 photos!/


Utah Girl Am I said...

So fun! And awww, look at those two adorable couples in that last photo! ;) HA HA!

(PS Don't hate me. It was too easy... I couldn't NOT call you a couple. Hee hee!)

Camille said...

Hardee har har, Yandary ;) PS I have a funny story I heard about EQ that day to tell you :)

Utah Girl Am I said...

Can't wait to hear it!

parkermoffat said...

Ha. She picked a butt pumpkin.

Jennifer said...

I love everything about this.