10 October 2012

Let's Figure Out My Life Together!

Hey friends, what career will allow me to use most/all of my interests listed below? And how do I get that career?

Styling (outfits, rooms, sets, events, etc.)
Being in charge
Photo sets
Being in the spotlight
Adventures/New things

I'm trying to research all sorts of adventures I could take my life on.  I want to be creative and happy and making a difference.  I'd really love to hear your thoughts.  Any experience/advice/friends who could help?  Feel free to email me: cmoff519[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thank you!! Merci!!



Melanie said...

If, as a career counselor, there's one piece of advice I could give it would be do informational interviews!!!

There are so many interesting careers and jobs out there, but it's hard to prepare for them because we don't know that they exist. Find people who are doing things that interest you and then ask to sit down for a few minutes (or talk on the phone or have an email conversation)and ask them all about how they got where they are now, what skills are most utilized in their job, where the field is headed, pros and cons of their career choice and lifestyle, advice for someone who wants to do something similar, etc.

Now days we can get so much information online that sometimes we tend to stay stuck behind our computer screens, but when you talk to someone, you're usually able to find the information you're looking for, plus so much more! Plus, you're building your network, which is always good.

If you don't already know Brittany Watson Jepsen (http://www.thehousethatlarsbuilt.com/), I'd suggest connecting with her. She's a former DC2nd member who got married and moved to Denmark. She's created a career for herself as a designer and blogger. Email me if you want more info about her.

Camille said...

Melanie, you are a dream!! Once this retreat is finished on Saturday, I will definitely connect!

Camille said...

I'd love to hear other people's comments, too!!