02 October 2012

My Sweet New Digs

The answer to the PolaQuiz:

(good job guessing, Mom!)

Saturday was Free Museum Day!  Now, before you roll your eyes and say, "But Camille. You live in D.C. ALL of the museums are free."  I'm just gonna go ahead and correct you in one word: "False."  Then I will follow it up with "There are many non-Smithsonian museums, and you have to pay for those ones"  So you are welcome, I just spared you from leaving embarrassing comments.

Awesome exhibit!!! @bethaevans

I've been aching to go to the National Building Museum (I took all the History of Architecture classes that I could as an undergrad, soooo....yeah, I like buildings).  I used my wit & wonder to convince Beth and Jonathan to take a day off of grad school studies to run around the museum for the afternoon.  G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. When I am rich and famous (Not even kidding. It'll happen), this museum will be my fabulous pool house.


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smile like you mean it said...

YES!!!! I get +10,000 points! Looks like a fabulous museum. Glad you got to go!

Jourdan said...


Utah Girl Am I said...

Oh, good! If it's your poolhouse,it'll be SOOO much easier to have my wedding reception there, right? :)