15 October 2012

RS Retreat Featuring Danny & Mara Kofoed Of A Blog About Love

So as I was writing the title for this post, I accidentally wrote Dara...celebrity name!! I come up with the best stuff in my "just woke up from a nap" stupor.

I cannot do justice to HOW AMAZING the Retreat was!!!  A lot of preparation has been put into this over the last several months, and it was so rewarding to see everything come to fruition!! (Can I just pause and say I'm sooo happy that the rides came together, so thank you to all my drivers!!)

Our speakers were Mara and Danny Kofoed of A Blog About Love (!!!!). If you aren't familiar with their blog, stop what you are doing, check it out, read a few posts, and fall in love with them and feel so good about yourself and life!!  They were incredible!  The Kofoeds spoke to us both Friday night and Saturday.  They took the time to speak with many sisters individually, which was so touching for me to witness.  Aaaahh so much haaaappiness and looove!! I'm feeling it, people! And so can you!!

Thanks to April F. for all of these photos!! (If you are in the ward/were at the retreat, I can give you access to these and many more photos! Just email me!)

Friday night:
April Flory 3
April Flory

Back story to the next photos: When the Elders Quorum had their EQ Retreat/campout, our RS Presidency heart attacked their cars.  When we woke up this morning, we found that our cars had been enhanced with streamers, candy, and balloons (which included notes inside of them!)  How great is that?? They had to have come sooo late! THANK YOU!!
April Flory 6
April Flory 7
April Flory 8
April Flory 10
April Flory 24

We had lots of delicious food to eat!  A GIANT THANK YOU to everyone who assisted with that and made my job a little bit easier!!  (Thanks to Jacqueline for making me a $ shaped pancake!)
April Flory 12
April Flory 18
April Flory 19
April Flory 14
April Flory 21

The whole morning was quite cozy!
April Flory 13
April Flory 16
April Flory 17

Danny & Mara led a workshop on Saturday morning/afternoon.  What a fabulous discussion!! I wish we had filmed Friday and Saturday so I could watch it over and over!
Afterwords, we took lots of photos (and took down the chairs!).  Everyone is sooo good looking!! To quote my little sister Paigey, "Best looking ward ever."
April Flory 25
April Flory 27
April Flory 28
April Flory 29
April Flory 30
April Flory 31
April Flory 32
April Flory 33

Again, THANK YOU Mara and Danny for coming down to teach us!! We love you!


Jelena Uppendahl said...

RS Retreats with you = happiness! What a great weekend. Let's just love eachother ;)

Kimberly Bonham said...

Found your blog on a blog about love. Looks like you girls had a great time!
New follower!!